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Below are different features we have here on the blog, including the tabs under the banner, with a little description letting you know exactly what you'll see when you click!

  • Categories:
outfits// all outfit posts, contain details about our daily ensembles, or outfits styled by us
crafts// collections of crafty things we have made, including accessories, collages, and more!
décor// photos and descriptions of lovely rooms decorated by the authors
beauty// hair, makeup, nails and more! we will display some of our favourite looks.
tutorials// instructions and play-by-play pictures on how to do certain things!
videos// posts with our videos in them!

  • Regular Posts:
things we love// some of our favourite little things shared with you readers!
fashion inspiration// films, people, and all the little things that inspire our passion for fashion (yes, i just said that)
girl crush// posts all about beautiful and inspiring women who we strive to be like (or at least emulate!)
weekly wishes// (every Friday) a collection of things we've seen online over the week and just have to have!
the bright side// taking not-so-glamorous situations of daily life and finding the perks

  • Posts by Other Authors:
posts by kitty// posts written by kitty
posts by summer// posts written by summer
posts by rachael// posts written by rachael
guest posts// posts written by misc. authors that write a guest spot for love & velvet

  • Other:
misc// posts that don't fall in the above categories!