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Welcome to Love & Velvet, your fun little taste of girly fashion, crafts, inspiration, and more all in one place on the internet! This blog was created by Sarah (below) in 2013 as a way of expressing the little things in life that make her smile and an outlet for all the teenage emotion she . Despite this being a personal blog, you will also see posts from some of Sarah's best and most creative pals from all around the globe! Why Love and Velvet you may ask? Well, we try and focus the blog on ~love*~ since there is so much hate in the world (especially on the internet) and try to be soft and elegant as velvet... (In other words, we used a blog name generator and this was the best one it gave us!) This is still a growing blog, with new features and posts by the week, so please keep checking back for more and enjoy! ♡

Hi there, I'm Sarah! I'm the creator of Love & Velvet and most of the posts you read on here will have been written by me! I'm an 18 year old acting student and part-time model at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

The arts and fashion have been a passion (hey! that rhymes!) of mine for several years now and after reading many fashion blogs, I was inspired to make my own! So thus, with the help of some stylish pals, Love and Velvet was born!

Other than blogging Love and VelvetElle Fanning Style,  and on Tumblr, playing dress up, and doing makeup, I really enjoy comparing myself to classic film characters, giving hugs, and picking up every cat I can find.

There are constantly things that inspire me everywhere I look, but some in particular are the film Pretty in Pink, my mother, my city, Rookie Mag, and runway shows. I suppose you could best describe my style as classic meets vintage meets The Virgin Suicides with a splash of a modern twist. You are most likely to find me behind a laptop screen, shopping at H&M, giggling with friends, writing in my journal or planner, walking around downtown San Francisco with my boyfriend.

You can find out how to contact me here or read my measurement information here.

Hello! I'm Summer. I am a 19 year old student of Early Childhood Education living in Ontario, Canada where the weather is extreme and gay marriage is legal.
I am fascinated by things that I am completely incapable of achieving such as art, finishing a piece of writing, design, and acting. My secret life dream is to write a novel that becomes really famous and eventually turned into a film that I write, produce, and direct but which is also produced by JJ Abrams.
I enjoy reading (a lot), writing, knitting, and DIYing everything. I’m really into vintage EVERYTHING, especially fashion. I also blog at Feminist Fatale and Tumblr.
I spend most of my time perusing Rookie Mag, looking at knitting patterns I can’t even begin to have the talent to create, obsessively checking my farm on FarmVille, and watching Netflix, which I now realize all involves the internet.

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Hiya! I’m Kitty, but I’ll also respond to Cat, Kit-Kat, and ‘Meow’…you can’t imagine how many times I’ve been meowed at. I’m currently situated in the land of Hogwarts and Braveheart (figure it out from there, champs!) I’m am eclectic, storyteller, and mischief maker at heart… and the Brits have turned me into an ardent tea enthusiast!

I study International Relations and travel at every opportunity I get (“but mom, it counts as studying.”) I love politics, the sea, literature (especially Dostoevsky), vintage clothes, Norse mythology, and heavy metal. Oscar Wilde is my hero.

P.S. I’m a Slytherin, Stormlord of House Baratheon, and Theon Greyjoy fan. If you are any of the above, we are already friends ✿◕‿◕✿

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HELLO I'm Rachael, and every time someone spells my name incorrectly, I punch them in the face. I'm 17 and stuck in an oppressive private school that crushes my creative spirit during the weekdays while providing me with a pretty bitchin' education. I'm a queer kid who loves writing, photography, doodling self-professed "vomatrocious" drawings, and drinking tea until my motor skills degenerate.

I've tried (and failed) to commit to a blog many times in my short life, but I'll stick around here to add miscellaneous outfit or crafty craft posts. Most of the time I am either listening to music (entire albums start to finish; there is no other way), cleaning my room, or burying my face in my cat's immense mound of belly fluff.

My official blog is Not Quite Hellish (get it?)