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Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY: Airport Chauffeur Sign

As you already know, this past Saturday evening, my beloved boyfriend Chris flew all the way from Connecticut to Hawaii to see little ol' me! I have been counting down the days since May, so you can only imagine my excitement with planning what to wear, activities, where we are going, etc. My favourite idea that I came up with, that many have done before, was a airport chauffeur sign that I would hold up in baggage claim. As some of you may know, I am a colossal How I Met Your Mother fan, and one of my favourite television couples (Lily and Marshall, of course!) would do the whole chauffeur sign bit for each other every time one would return from a trip.

By now, it has become a slight cliché, and maybe a bit overdone, but I still think it's romantic and was never really given the opportunity to do it before, so I made the decision! To make it more fun, I came up with a more creative route than just his name on a piece of paper...no, this had to be a work of art! Since I will be spending the week showing my darling boyfriend my favourite spots on the island, I've prepared this little DIY to show you how I made mine! Hopefully it can hold you over until the next post in the meantime!

First, you'll need a full size piece of poster board paper in any colour of your choosing. I went with white because it can serve as a better canvas for a variety of paint and glitter colours! Cut the poster board into two halves of equal size.

Next, take one half piece of the poster board and draw a little figure of an aeroplane with pencil first, then outline with a thicker marker. Mine obviously isn't proper under flight regulations to be allowed to fly, but we can pretend it's a little cartoon version of what a plane might look like.

Put the plane cut-out to the side, and take the other half of the poster board. Now the fun part--paint! You can either do this with the plane or the background, like I am doing, just so it pops a little bit. I chose purple paint because it looks like a night sky and it's Chris' favourite colour! For the best application, try a sponge brush like the one pictured above. Wait for the paint to dry.

Now it's time to glue your aeroplane onto the background. You can choose to flip it and hide the line like I did (well, actually, I messed up the first time which is why I flipped it...) or keep it the same way you drew it, line included. Once the glue is dry, take your pencil again, and begin to write the name of whomever you are picking up at the airport in whatever style you desire.

Lastly, I embellished the sign with one of my favourite media, ~*glitter glue*~! And there you have it--your own personalised and fun airport chauffeur sign. Whether you are meeting up with a friend, a relative, or significant other, this is certainly a fun way to greet them upon their arrival, and it will catch attention from fellow legitimate chauffeurs who will wish that was the sign they could hold. Then, after your visitor leaves, they can take the sign along with them as a souvenir!

♥ Sarah

P.S. Expect some birthday celebration posts coming your way very soon! My birthday is tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th of August!

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