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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Peak Into My Bedroom...

This summer is the last time I will be living at home for such an extended period, and it's so exciting to look forward to a future in San Francisco! However, I do love my bedroom here in Hawaii because of what I've done to it upon returning from school! It makes me eager to start decorating my future apartment... I've already jotted down ideas and purchased some little bits and bobs for decoration and such! Since I just cleaned it and prepped it nicely for Chris' visit tomorrow, I thought I'd share my space with all of you!

Firstly, my favourite spot in my bedroom--my bed! Admittedly, I do not actually have a bed. I used to, but when I was younger, I went through different phases of bed bases, and eventually came to the conclusion that just a mattress on the floor would allow me more space! However, for storage purposes, I added a metal rolling bed frame, and now I keep items under there, which allows for less clutter.

My bed is full of my favourite pals--Pikachu, Quasimodo, Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet, a Build-a-Bear my brother gave me for my birthday, and Siegfried, my beloved kitty Chris gave me for our one month anniversary! The pillow on the right has Chris' shirt on it (人´∀`*)

Above my bed, I use my accessories--purses, sunnies, hats, etc. as decoration! One of my favourite features is the little sunglasses display I created under my shelf. All I needed was a pretty ribbon and thumb tacks, and I have a spectrum of cute sunnies and frames!

What would a style blogger be without her closet? I recently changed a few things, including organising my clothing by colour! It is so much easier to find the exact piece I want by doing this. A few of my shoes are also easy to eye in that nifty shoe shelving unit.
My bed may be my favourite spot to lounge around, but without a doubt, my favourite spot in my bedroom to look at is my vanity! It's decorated head to toe with photos of me and my friends, beauty products, jewellery, hair accessories, and the best part--my Amadeus shrine (I'm a wee bit obsessed)! This spot is where you will find me getting ready for the day and writing posts for Love & Velvet!
Fun Fact: My Amadeus shrine consists of the original soundtrack on vinyl, the song book, the DVD, the DVD special edition, the VHS, the soundtrack, and the special edition soundtrack. Bluray not pictured.
Finally, underneath the window in my room sits my main source for storing my most favourite things--my bookshelf! I use my bookshelf as a writing desk as well, as you can see by the journalling supplies on top of it! My bookshelf holds my books (of course), my collection of Teen Vogue magazines (since September 2009!) some other saved magazines (particularly if they have Emma Stone on the cover!) and fun little trinkets, like my vampire candle holder (bottom right).
As you can see on top of the jewellery box, more Mozart! And in front of the pens--Quasimodo again! The top left corner is an autographed photo of Kris Allen
So there's a little tour of my bedroom, my workspace, and my inspiration. I hope you weren't too overwhelmed by clutter, as I do have a lot of it lying around. I do look forward to getting my new dorm room together by next month! I'll be sure to show that off to you as well.

♥ Sarah

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