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Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Wishes (12/07/13)

Hi there, darlings! I thought I'd try a new, simpler approach to my Weekly Wishes portion of the blog in a collage format, and include the prices of each item. Let me know what you think! 

  1. Amalglam of the Year Flat in Mint and Ivory.  I love a good pair of brogans, especially if they are pastel coloured, so this slip on pair from ModCloth caught my eye, and I can just picture them now with a pair of lacy socks! However, I should be focusing on brighter colours... I am overloaded with pastel! I can't help it, I guess! ($34.99)
  2. Ruche Wild Field Denim Skirt. Going along with my vow to add colour to my wardrobe, don't you think that the pattern this skirt from Ruche is perfect for summer? I love the hues and the pleats, and the fact that it's denim means it's so durable! (SALE* $32.50)
  3. Mint Green Mid Century Sewing Machine. I have been feeling the need to sew lately, and it gets tiresome and tedious when done by hand, so I might break out the old sewing machine. This got me day dreaming about my future apartment, and I can picture a mint green sewing machine. This vintage one on Etsy would be absolutely perfect! ($150.00, sold)
  4. Black Rhinestone Cat Face Playsuit. Playsuits are so fun and easy to wear, and while I was looking at one of my new favourite Etsy shops, I stumbled across this adorable handmade cat playsuit, and it was love at first sight. I can't believe it's handmade! ($68.00)
  5. Pink Harness Bra. I've been eyeing harness bras to wear over my clothes for such a long time now, and I found an awesome Etsy shop that makes them along with other amazing pieces for such a great deal! When I saw this pink harness bra, I knew what I'd be buying next time I get paid! ($26.50)
The first weeks of July wasn't easy, but this week had more promise as I was much busier! I have high hopes for the remainder of the month! June was a particularly difficult four weeks, but the countdown is getting closer and closer to Chris returning to me, so now I have something to keep me going! I'm confident that I can keep my head high and find ways to stay busy. Soon enough, I'll be back in the city and ready to take on the world!

I hope you all enjoyed your week. Summer is halfway over now! Which means it's almost time to prepare for my favourite season of all--autumn! I'll be on the lookout for discount and clearance winter-wear during the summertime to prepare for my return to the cold city!

♥ Sarah

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