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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekly Wishes (05/07/2013)

Hey there everyone! What's this? Sarah posted her Weekly Wishes on time? Indeed, I did, darling readers, indeed I did... Now, let's see my hot items of the week!

01. Opening Ceremony Strassy Glitter Mary Janes. I've been an Opening Ceremony fanatic for quite sometime, without actually owning any of their items, but if I had to have something from the brand, it would be these glittery Mary Janes. (P.S. they're on SALE)

02. Cute Lingerie. I guess this doesn't count because it's not something specific, but I saw this image on Tumblr from this blog and I couldn't resist sharing it! I love, love, love lingerie, and have been meaning to add to my collection since most of my corsets are too small now :( I smell a shopping spree! In the meanwhile, I'd love to use this image as a background somewhere... It's so dreamy.

I actually have been shopping a little bit lately, so I might do a little haul post if you're interested!
Happy week-end! 

♥ Sarah

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