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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This or That?

Hi there, darlings! Today, I decided to spoil myself with a little bit of shopping, since it's been a difficult couple of weeks, and it was one of the first really good days in a long time! I planned my outfit ahead of time and loved it (the corset and the skirt were both from Ross), but it took me forever to figure out what shoes to wear! So I decided to make a little outfit post (with selfies!) asking you all which shoes you would pick to go with my outfit!

Option 1: These first shoes I am absolutely in love with! I saw them on one of Summer's blog posts and she ended up sending them to me (the sweetest, right?). The colour is so beautiful and the bows are too cute to pass up! Plus they matched the details in my skirt! These rockin' platforms are from Forever 21.

Option 2: These strappy heels are a bit edgier and went with the idea of a corset a bit better, so I thought I'd try them on as well. The black also went with the handbag I was using. I bought these beauts a few years ago at Ross.

So, I ask you, my readers, which shoes would you pick if you had my outfit today? I'm curious!

♥ Sarah

P.S. I didn't end up wearing either shoes shopping today! Figured flats would do me better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. The black ones!! The bow-tie ones are gorgeous too, but the black ones just add the right kind of edge :) xoxo