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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to WEAR A WIG (and make it look good)

Hello, everyone! Now, you've already read how much I adore wigs, despite having a full head of (abnormally thick) hair. Today, however, I am going to teach you how to actually wear that wig!

Whether you're a wig enthusiast like myself, want to try out a different colour or cut, or find yourself wanting to wear a wig for any other reason, it is important to know how to properly wear one so that it looks (at least semi) real! It is super simple, and may seem self-explanatory, but for those of you who have no clue, I'm here to help!

01. Begin pinning your hair. This step may be optional, especially for those of you without layered hair, but my hair is short and likes to go in any which direction it wants, so I will be taming it just a bit with bobby pins, primarily in the fringe area.

02. A wig cap is your best friend. Wig caps are almost always necessary in the precious activity of wig-wearing. What is a wig cap, you may be wondering? Well, basically, it is a piece nylon that you stretch over your head to hold all your hair completely flat. It works like a charm! Alternative methods include a hair net (definitely won't make it flat, but will hold your hair in place!) or cutting a foot out of a pair of clear tights, (aka stockings, or nylons). Your best bet is going to be a wig cap, however. They are very cheap, available at any costume store or online, and come in a variety of colours.

To wear it properly, take one end, and start at the front of your head, where your hairline begins. Stretch it all the way to the back of your head and tuck in any excess hairs. ((Fellow pixie-cutters, the answer is yes, you do still need a wig cap with short hair! It is only slightly less necessary.))

You should now look like you are a part of a low-budget stage production and you are playing the grumpy old bald uncle! Quite attractive, I know.

03. Slap on dat wig. Now for the best part--actually wearing the wig! Wigs have a netted or mesh cap to them that goes around your head like a hat. Putting this on should be done similarly to the wig cap, starting with the front part, at the front of your head, carefully pull to the back of your head. It most likely will not look perfect right away.

04. Make those adjustments. Now is the time to hide away any unwanted hair, brush out the frizzy and messy bits, pin and style to your liking, etc. Just keep doing this until you are satisfied with the way it looks!

05. Accessorise! My favourite part about wig wearing is the ACCESSORISING! Putting a flower crown or headband or a cute barrette or bow in your hair can make your wig look more realistic because well....people wear accessories in their real hair all the time!

And you're done! You should now look like a total babe with an entirely new set of locks, ready to take on the world.

That wasn't so painful was it? Now you've got a whole new set of locks, ready to take on the world! And if you still think people will notice it is a wig, just ask yourself who cares? and do you! I got plenty of stares in Vienna with my pink bob:

Enjoy your new head of hair and all others to come!

♥ Sarah

P.S. If you want it to look even more realistic, fill in your brows with a colour that matches the wig!


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