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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

Hello, darlings! Today, I am going to show you how I channelled my inner goddess and made myself over to look like Marilyn Monroe. So, I ended up doing this late at night today, a day I didn't leave the house and had nowhere to go... but it was mostly because after this night I will no longer be blonde (and because a strapping young fella in a clothing store told me I looked like her)! So I am going to teach you...

Now, I will start with the usual disclaimer, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL and as beautiful as Marilyn is, it is not about wanting to look like her, it's about channeling that essence and confidence so that you can find beauty in yourself! We all know Marilyn is the poster child of iconic, classic beauty, so of course it'll be fun to transform into her for a day, but just remember, looking like someone else can't make you any more beautiful than you already are! I also know I don't look exactly like Marilyn, but think of it as your very own version Marilyn! So I would be... Sarahlyn!


  • FACE: Acheive perfect skin by concealing your blemishes with concealer(or cheat and edit your photo in Photoshop like I did) and then applying foundation that matches your skin colour to your face. Powder it up so that it's not shiny! And of course, add the infamous mole on your left cheek with brown eyeliner. I was fortunate enough to already be born with one of these bad-boys, so I just darkened it with the eyeliner for extra drama.

  • BROWS: Marilyn has dramatically arched brows, so use a reference photo, and using a light brown/blonde eyebrow pencil (if you have dark brows, use whatever shade fits you best!) and, following your natural brow shape, begin shaping them to look somewhat Monroe-esque.

  • EYES: For eyeshadow, apply a shimmery white or cream colour all over the lids, inner corners, and brow bones. Then, take a dark brown colour and exaggerate your crease depth. Add a slightly winged black cat eyeliner, brown pencil eyeliner on the bottom lash line, and black mascara, and you have Marilyn's eyes!

  • LIPS: This was definitely the most challenging part for me. I have full lips already, but not as full as Marilyn's and not the same shape. It is vital to use a reference photo for this part. Do not just copy Marilyn's lip shape, make it work with your natural lip curvature if you don't want them to look drawn on. Start by using lip balm to moisturise then using a lipliner close to your natural lip colour, start outlining your new lip shape. Once you're done, go over it with a red lip liner and fill your lips in. You can then add the red lipstick colour of your choice and a lip gloss to finish off!

  • HAIR: If you're not blonde like I am (well, was) or you don't have short hair (I literally just tossed it up and pinned down some parts... it's pretty wild on its own), you can always buy a Marilyn Monroe wig (read here for my HOW TO WEAR A WIG tutorial!) and be a bombshell that way. If you want something a bit more done, you can always watch video tutorials like the one below!

Hey, that wasn't so hard right? Now go forth to that costume party or gala or just take a lot of selfies late at night like I did!

♥ Sarahlyn


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