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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Cover-Up an Ugly Bruise

Whether you've got a bruise on your face, on your knee, or anywhere else on your body, let's face it--they're not cute. Unless you like looking like you get into a lot of trouble (or in my case, fall a lot), you may not particularly like the way a splotch of mismatching skin looks on your body. Never fear! I am here to help you cover up that bad boy so you can go out and face the world without looking like you've been roughed up a bit (especially if it's on your face, like mine!).

The colour of your bruise can tell you a lot. According to thedoctorstv.com, the bruise life cycle is as follows:

Red: Day 1--The bruise is forming
Blue Purple: Days 1-2--The blood cells begin breaking up
Green: Day 6--Tissue begins to heal
Yellow/brown: Days 8-9--The bruise is almost healed!
Normal: Day 14--All back to normal!

Of course, this varies for everyone. My bruise is already in the Days 8-9 stage and I've only had the bruise for a couple of days now since my recent oral surgery. Now--the first step to the big cover-up is to identify about where the colour of your bruise is on the colour wheel. Then looking at the colour wheel, go directly across from that colour and find the opposite colour. We will be using this as a base for the makeup to cancel out the current discolouration. Sounds crazy, I know, but it will work in the end!

For my bruise, I am between green and yellow, which is that terrible colour you see labelled 'me'. Thankfully, that means the opposite colour is that gorgeous magenta!

Take your eyeshadow palette (I'm using Color Concept Eyes For Beauty, which I think my mother bought for me at an airport in Chicago... but there are so many colours and they are quite vivid!), and find the colour that's opposite your bruise on the colour wheel. If your bruise is a bit more dull in hue than in the photo, find a duller version of the opposite colour. With your biggest fluffiest powder brush, apply this all over the bruise and blend out the areas around the bruise. It should look like a more neutral colour now. Don't worry--it won't stay this mess!

The next part is so simple--just apply a foundation closest to your natural skin colour. (I'm using Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Makeup, because I haven't been taking proper care of my skin during my recovery, as you can see!) Around the area with eyeshadow, be sure to use a delicate patting motion for application with your fingers. Patting will ensure the shadow underneath doesn't move on your face or mix with the foundation. 

Once the area with the bruise is completely covered (it may require a thicker coat than the rest of your face!) continue normally with the remainder of your face. You can add powder, bronzer, blush, hearts on your cheek, etc. as your typical routine, and you're done!

I hope this tutorial helped you cover your own bruise, if you have any like I do! And don't worry, no one punched my in the face, honest. Just another wonderful side effect of having your wisdom teeth removed (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

♥ Sarah

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