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Monday, July 15, 2013

How to BE CONFIDENT in Summer (Without changing your body)

Hi there, lovely readers! It seems like the summertime supplies the most pressure and can shake a person's confidence a bit--whether it be through being told to strive for that "perfect bikini body" or exercise and be active while dieting. I, personally, have noticed I've been taking a few steps backward on my journey to self love in the past few months. Thankfully, I noticed it, and decided that instead of changing my body to feel better about myself, I should just feel better about myself.

(source: A Lady's Guide to Existence)
01. Focus on feeling good more than looking good. One thing about clothing is the constant voice in the back of your head asking, "Is so and so going to notice me in this? Will I turn heads? Am I keeping up with the latest trends by wearing this? Will other people think I look 'fat'?" Of course, it's nice to look good and attract attention, but don't let that be your drive to wear a certain article of clothing. You should worry about the way you feel in it foremost.

This applies in summer when swim suit shopping. If you see an adorable '50s inspired two piece that is everything you dreamed about but think you don't have "the body for a two piece", that's when a red flag should go up. If you love it, wear it, and screw everyone else that thinks you shouldn't! There is no such thing as a "bikini body". 

02. Channel strong women for confidence. If you know someone in your life or in the media that knows who they are and are darn proud of it, try to let their confidence reflect upon yourself! Read and follow body-positive blogs, or watch self love vidoes (like below) on YouTube (my personal favourite sex-positive YouTuber ever being Laci Green), and do whatever you can to ~get inspired~ and be happy with who you are. If all else fails, you can rock out to some Marina and the Diamonds and work that grrrl power.

03. Surround yourself with supportive people ONLY. The last thing you want to do when you have low confidence about your body is to surround yourself with people who are constantly putting you down for the way you look or convincing you that you should "watch what you eat" or "consider working out". You have to remember you're beautiful, and if you're not with others who remind you of that, that's not good.

04. Stay positive. This can be the hardest step, but try, try try try try try, to not look for flaws in yourself. Consider someone you care about very much, do you only see flaws in him/her? Probably not. Try looking at yourself from someone else's perspective, and find things you like about yourself, then only pay attention to those. Instead of looking at your acne, look at your smile. Instead of groaning at your expanding stomach, realise how sexy your curves are!

In the end, if you want to change your body for you, then go for it and DO YOU! It is just important to remember that you don't have to and you are beautiful no matter what.

I want to point out that there is nothing wrong with diet and exercise. If you want to exercise to have more energy, increase stamina, and overall happiness (as it has been proven to do), then DO IT. If you want to diet to improve your health and mentality, DO IT. Just make sure, just like with every decision you make, you're doing it for the right reasons!

If all else fails, do what you love and be with people you love. That's the true way to happiness, not what you look like!

Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and if you have any additional steps that you've personally made to increase your confidence level, leave a comment below!

♥ Sarah


  1. love this post so much. Great work. I've been working on a post about body image, thanks for all the inspiration :) xoxo


    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to read your post, I'm sure it'll be absolutely amazing. ♡