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Friday, July 19, 2013

Anchors Aweigh!

Feast your eyes, dear readers, for this is a rare sight--below are images of me, in and around the ocean. Now, I had lived in Hawaii for 12 years before moving to San Francisco, but I was never really a "beach person", which comes as a shock to most, because really, who doesn't like the beach? Well, I don't and I could explain the many reasons why, but I will save it for another post, because this was a fun day!

swimsuit: marc by marc jacobs | sunnies: ross
A week or two ago, Shannon and her mother asked if my mum and me would like to go with them on a fun little boat ride that would take us around to different spots where we can relax, snorkel, take photos etc., and it was a lot of fun! Shannon acquired herself a waterproof digital camera that we used throughout the day and got some cool underwater shots! It took us a while...but we finally got the hang of it and were very thankful to have it in the end.

It's been some time since I'd seen the sun, and let me say, it was a bit angry at me. As per usual, I was burnt to a crisp, which only inspired me to do an After Sun-Care post or something along those lines--so expect that in the very near future!

Shannon, real life mermaid. Her top is from yours truly and American Apparel.
The boat was pretty darn neat! Every edge had a seating area, which still did not accommodate the amount of tourists on the boat, but that's okay because it was fun looking off the edge at the racing water and colourful fish (I looked out for sharks, none in sight!). Our favourite part of the boat was a stain glass image of a mermaid (pictured above) on the door to the indoor area. Shannon loves mermaids (so does any other sensible human being ;3) and had to take a photo. I'm glad she did, it's so lovely and a nice memory!

We made a lot of attempts to be as touristy as we could, in efforts such as throwing water in the air and catching it on camera and failing miserably. It wasn't exactly what we had hoped for, but I still think the images turned out pretty cool, wouldn't you say?

The underwater camera worked out very well! We weren't opening our eyes under water (ouch!) so we attempted to take blind shots, and although I was entirely out of frame, I really like out these two turned out for some reason. Eventually we realised, Hey, we can use the snorkels to see underwater. Geniuses.

All in all, it was a lovely day out in the sun! If I could change anything about the day, I would reapply sunscreen every hour or so... that one came back to bite me.

What's your idea of the perfect summer day?

♥ Sarah

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