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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes (28/05/13)

Ahhh, I'm late again, it would appear, folks. I don't know what is going through my head lately--just been quite busy yet again! (Maybe I should just change my Weekly Wishes post to Sundays if I keep this up!) Hopefully you'll like these pieces I've seen this week!

01. Mura Mirror Mirror Dress. As soon as I saw this dress (and the SALE mark), I instantly pictured it with my trusty Levi's denim jacket, lots of pins, and combat boots or cute flats. Absolutely love the print right on the centre, the beautiful, bold colour, and the material looks so soft and comfortable!

02. Stella McCartney Resort 2014 Dress. I saw this dress on The Clothes Horse blog and thought it was so darling! Nothing quite like a collage on your own perfectly tailored nude mini dress! There's also a skirt with the same detail, but you all know I'm a dress girl, myself! The lips remind me of a pin I have on sale in my Etsy shop!

03. Betsey Johnson Cat Eye Sunglasses. I went for a T.J. Maxx run this week (I can't wait to show you my new swimsuit!) and stumbled upon so many Betsey Johnson sunnies! I'm a sucker for the brand (easily identified by the hot pink sticker!) so when I stumbled upon these purple frames at such a reasonable price ($12.99!) I knew I had to go back and nab them when I had the chance. The shape did wonders for my facial structure, and the colour is so pretty!

04. Ghost World. Summertime is my biggest reading binge time, so I'm trying to find new books to read (lately, I've been on the depressing book route for a tad bit too long--it's beginning to bring me down quite a bit!). I remembered that I've been meaning to see the film, Ghost World, for some time now, and thought, why not read the graphic novel first?

05. Nishe Sweetheart Dress in Cupcake. I was posting on my other blog, Elle Fanning Style, and while searching for a similar match to Elle's cute dress, I stumbled upon this gingham cupcake embroidered number at ASOS. I just thought it was so darling! 

Hope you all had a lovely week and June is nearly over! Summer is speeding by fast! Enjoy the sun while it lasts!

♥ Sarah

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