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Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Wishes (14/06/13)

Hello, everyone! It's been a busy week as I'm trying to get a job and think of more blog ideas for you all! Thankfully, both of those things involve many trips to the mall as well as online stores, so I've had my eye on a few things that I'd die to own!

01. Topshop Martina T-Bar Geek Shoes. This past Sunday, I fell in love. In love with a pair of shoes. I was at the mall with Kitty, and made a trip to Nordstrom for an Italian cream soda and some browsing. When we reached the Top Shop corner--there they were... the most adorable pair of school-girl T-bar shoes I've ever come to find. I decided right then and there that they would be my treat once I sell my camera. However, they no longer sell them online and the likelihood of the store still having my size after I sell is slim... but I can still stare at them all I want!

02. ASOS Scallop Detail Satchel Bag. Is it pink? Check. Satchel design? You betcha. Gold buckles? Yep. Cute scallop detail? Aye aye. Sounds like the perfect bag for me! And they just so happen to sell it at ASOS.

03. ModCloth Work With Me Dress in Mint. I think the peplum style is so chic and professional, so I absolutely adore this mint dress from ModCloth! Even cuter, it has a Peter Pan collar and some 80s-inspired sleeves! The dress is also on the more affordable side of ModCloth dresses, at only $49.99! I'd wear this to a wedding or a nice dinner with my love!

04. Topshop Comic Pop Art Sweat. I've been interested in purchasing more jumpers as of late since they would be on sale in the summer time and I would wear them when I go back to San Francisco. I was looking on Topshop's website and saw this comic inspired jumper and thought it was so fun and cute! And of course, the price is right at 50% off!

05. Chicwish Peter Pan Collar High Waist Dress. Pastel blue is one of my favourite colours (as are most pastel colours) but I don't actually own a lot of it, so seeing this beautiful dress on Chicwish made me picture my blonde hair with the colour (or even my red hair when I'm back to that) and I had to snap myself out of the dreamland I found myself in. Is this not the cutest dress you've ever seen? And it can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. A good investment, I'd say.

07. Topshop Tile Cigarette Trousers. I don't often wear trousers or jeans but if I were to wear one pair of trousers every day, it would be these ones from Topshop. Cigarette trousers are so clean and tailored and suit any woman who is eager to look chic and/or professional. I think they'd do wonders at an interview.

There sure has been a lot of Topshop in this week's Weekly Wishes instalment, but I suppose that's because I can't stop visiting their website and oohing and ahhing over their sale! Hopefully, I'll come into some money within the next few weeks (i.e. get a job) and can make some of these wishes a reality. If not, my birthday is always coming up in August!

♥ Sarah


  1. Love those sweet Topshop white flats, and that blue dress from Chicwish is so lovely! And I love any scalloped bag that ASOS has ever carried. So cute.

    xox Sammi

    1. Now that I look over it, I have some full outfit options in this post! Now I want them more, aren't the pieces just darling? Thanks for your comment! :) ♡♡