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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watercolour wonders

You know that you have a really good best friend (in fact, the best) when you lounge around the house together all day doing nothing and it's still a grand old time. Case in point, that's pretty much how Sarah and I spent our day but we weren't totally unproductive! I made my first flower crown, which I am proudly sporting in the photo below.

crown: handmade | top: levi's | shorts: gilly hicks | sandals: coach

I hadn't intended on making an outfit post today, but once I made my flower crown I couldn't resist! This summer's been particularly hot, so I decided to have a casual day by wearing shorts, sandals, and a breezy top. The design reminds me of watercolour, which is one of my favourite mediums; it's a lot like Photoshop in that you can add a half dozen layers, and each makes the final product more detailed and beautiful.
Speaking of artistic endeavors, crafting is loads of fun and a lot easier than I expected I didn't even set fire to anything with the hot glue gun! Well, there was smoke, but that doesn't count. 


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  1. love that floral crown! so cute xoxo