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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Those were the days

I was going through old photographs on my computer and stumbled upon a few from summer break after my Junior year of high school, when I visited San Francisco. I took outfit photos and planned to make my own fashion blog over the break. That never happened, but I figure I will be able to share them with you all now, since I actually have a blog! (Not quite sure if that sentence made much sense...) So prepare for BABY SARAH! (well not quite. less than three years ago!)

The first is a day we were driving out of the city and headed down to Fresno, where some of my family lives. It featured some pieces that I just purchased for the summertime and absolutely adored! Around this point in my life, my style was beginning to unfold. I remember identifying my true style the summer before Junior year and that's when style became a huge part of my life!

sunnies: h&m | cardie: old navy | tank: old navy | skirt: forever 21 | trainers: h&m | pearls: mum's 
This second look is what I planned for my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary party. 65 years, isn't that something? I love navy and white with red accents. It took so long to find a decent red belt, but when I did I was so thrilled!

dress: i don't recall! | top: ross (??) | socks: claire's | shoes: (my favourites!) ross

There, look at that, two for the price of one! I hope you enjoyed vintage Sarah memories. Can you see I still dress very similar? (You can see the polka dot dress here!) I'm glad I could finally put these photos to good use--the purpose for which they were intended!

Oh, and I want to know, when did you begin to find your personal style? One's style is constantly changing, but there's a point where it becomes an important part of a person's life! I want to know when that was for you readers! Leave a comment below!

♥ Sarah

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