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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Technological Malfunctions

Hello, chums! Here's a quick little outfit post for the day! Please don't mine my legs and feet in this...no matter how many times I changed the ISO, it was always way too bright! Clearly I am camera inept, but I am in the process of selling my camera so that I can get a new one with a swivel LCD so that I can actually see myself if I attempt to use a self-timer again. With practice, I should get better! But I mean, it looks kinda cool anyway, I think...

bow print dress: forever 21 | flower crown: handmade | belt: h&m | nude heels: macy's | unicorn necklace: secondhand (from shannon!)

Yeah... thankfully I have talented friends that can take my outfit photos in the future... but today I am staying in and having some much-needed me time. I think a girl can still get dressed up if she's just lazing around at home, right?

You can kind of see the frustration in my face because it took so many tries to get a shot, and sadly, this was the best I could do. I promise I'll work on it! The new camera should help a lot.... (if this darn camera sells)

That's not the only technological issue I've been having today. Earlier, the blog's layout was messing up  badly (those of you that saw my little note already know this) and the background was misplaced and it was just a disaster! It took a lot of going through the coding to find the problem, but it's fixed now, thankfully.

Tomorrow should be a much more active and less stressful day, as I am going out shopping with my mum! I look forward to finding new pieces for work (if I get hired soon, cross your fingers!) and school in the fall.

Hope you are all enjoying your midweek! I think I am going to spend the rest of the day cooking and finishing up Glee!

♥ Sarah

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