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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunny Day

Hello, my fluffy little bunny rabbits! It's been a little while since I've had an ~outfit post~ on here since my move back for the summer, so here's your first of many to come! (Also, I apologise for lack of a weekly wishes post this week, I have been too busy to long for any items!)

dress: second hand via art & flea | bra: betsey johnson | belt: forever 21 | bracelets: h&m | necklace: i don't recall | sunnies: vintage/secondhand | flower: h&m | bag: modcloth | shoes: old navy
Midday on Wednesday, Shannon and I met up in Waikiki for a beach/walk through the city day and needless to say--I got ridiculously burnt from my face to the tops of my feet. But we still found some fun things to do to celebrate our reunion for the summer!

Other than baking in the sun (after an endless journey to find parking), we enjoyed lovely kid's meals at Wolfgang Puck's Express right on the beach, got some fierce jagua tattoos (don't worry it's like black henna--not permanent!), drank some Jamba Juice, and had plenty of laughs as usual.

I'd say it was a successful day by the end of it. I spent money wisely, got to spend time with good ol' Shannon, and this sunburn will eventually turn into even more adorable freckles all around my body! I won't be going to the beach anymore without my trusty new Neotrogena Sunblock that I went out to buy the next day, along with some other things, but that, my friends, I will leave for another blog entry!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, whether you have sun or not, and if you do--please use sunscreen!

♥ Sarah

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