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Friday, June 7, 2013

Stripes in Summer

Spending the day with Kitty as you saw in our baking post earlier, and we've decided to do our own little two-part outfit posts, each showing off our looks! It's funny--every time Kitty and I hang out, we happen to match our outfits so well without any prior communication about it! We both have similar styles, but different points of view, so maybe that's why! I swear, one day we are going to show up in the same ensemble!

Today, I wore a dress that Kitty brought back for me from the U.K. where she's located and I'm so smitten! Despite having to put a safety pin in the chest area between where two buttons are, it is a perfect fit and I adore it!

dress: primark (a gift from kitty!) | bag: san diego zoo | pin: handmade by rachael | shoes: marc by marc jacobs | belt: forever 21 | bracelet: h&m

I've had this cute little tiger backpack for the longest time. I went to the San Diego Zoo with my family years back and always wanted an animal backpack. I still have it to this day (well, most of it...it's missing an eye and a few whiskers) and love wearing it! Makes me feel like a little girl.

These flats are my favourites! We've been through a lot together--I wore them almost every day back in high school senior year. I was just so proud to own a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes--finally, after being such a fan watching Rachel Berry wear them on Glee. I got this pair for only $99.99 online and they are still holding up! With my knee-high socks, I feel very Berry!

Stay tuned for Kitty's outfit! And thanks to her for the photos! :)

♥ Sarah


  1. Gotta love those Marc Jacobs shoes :) and your dress is super cute xoxo


  2. I love that dress, and that tiger backpack is too cute! :)

    xox Sammi