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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Running Errands

Hello, Last Thursday, Salia, my mum and I took a little trip to the drugstore, the craft store, and the grocery store after dropping my brother Josh off at work, and I decided to take some photos. (Sounds interesting...I know, but there were some cool things!) I love making lists, so I had been building a list of things I needed to purchase and was finally able to cross things off as we went! Do you like making lists as much as I do, or am I just crazy?

Our first stop was the drug store where I got a bunch of beauty products I was in need of! Here's a list of what I got with a photo of it all neatly laid out! I was so excited!
  • neutrogena sunblock (mentioned here)
  • an avocado clay mask
  • aloe vera after sun gel (much needed)
  • face masks (two in aloe and green tea for my sunburn!)
  • baby oil (for my jagua tattoo)
  • güd body lotion (got a coupon in my modcloth package!)
  • jordana nail polish (my favourite brand)
  • some sweet smelling body wash
  • black eyeliner pencil

I love buying new beauty products and then putting it away when I get home. Organising is one of my favourite activities! And of course, getting to use the new products is always fun!

The next stop was one of my favourite places on earth--the craft store! There were fake flowers, pipe cleaners, paint, decoupage, styrofoam, and stickers galore! I was in heaven! I couldn't completely overdo it though, so I stuck to getting only what was on my list. I'll share the crafts I made that night with you another day! (Psst, if you want a sneak peak, there are some up for sale on my Etsy.)

Finally, we made a stop filled with more of my favourite things, EDIBLES. I love me some food and drink when the mood strikes, so being surrounded by it in a grocery store is sometimes overwhelming. What do I buy? What's on sale? How much can we fit into the freezer? Most importantly--what's a healthier alternative? Sometimes I throw that last one out the window and focus on what my tummy wants. And my tummy wanted EVERYTHING. Lesson to you readers--don't go food shopping when you're hungry. You will end up buying way more than your pantry (or your stomach) can handle.

Well, that's it for my little shopping evening I had. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Lots of new posts on the way, so keep checking back!

♥ Sarah

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