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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prom Memories

Hello, my little pistachios! I've been looking back fondly on my senior prom lately, (I even had a dream I went to another prom now!) and how beautiful my dress was. I only went to my senior prom, and although it wasn't as great of an experience as I thought a prom should have been and I try not to look back at high school times since I have a completely new life now, I still love and occasion to dress up as fancy as possible.

gown: vintage | handbag: vintage | shoes: secondhand | jewellery: handmade by my mum
This dress is 6,000 shades of perfect. I can only list the reasons! It's from my favourite era, the 1960s, it's pink, it has lace, it has ruffles, it has a bow, and the material was light and easy to manoeuvre. In short--I felt like a princess. My mum actually found this perfect dress on Vintageous.com  and we were so afraid it would be too small, but once it came in the mail, I tried it on and it fit like a glove. Almost as if it was made for me!

My mum also found the purse (she's good, huh?) at Goodwill for $1.50 and it went so well with the dress and fit everything I needed to bring snugly inside. Although I didn't take a date (aka I had no desire to/I go to an all-girls school and the only option was my boyfriend-to-be later that summer but thankfully that didn't happen) Honestly, if you can, go to your prom alone. Statistically, most high school relationships will not last, and the only prom memory you will have would be with an old boyfriend, and prom should be a happy memory!! If you still want a plus one, go with a really good friend and just make sure to have a good time. I thought through, and the positives of going with friends outweighed the positives of having a date (you have to tend to their needs and all that baloney, when instead you can worry about you and only you).

I walked to prom with Shannon and her date, then met up with Kitty outside, and my dad took photos of us (who needs a photobooth?) It was much more relaxing to know that the night was all about me and my friends and having some fun and food.

Sometime before prom season next year if anyone is interested, I'll do a Prom on a Budget post! If you'd like to see that, comment below!

& for those of you that just had your prom or senior formal, I hope you all had a wonderful time!

♥ Sarah

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