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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pastel Dreams

Hello, my little tulips! Today I had to take my kitty, Ozzy, to the vet because he hasn't been feeling well (yes, I'm a crazy cat lady) and then I met up with Kitty at the mall! It's been a kitty-filled day.

dress with belt: h&m  | top: vintage | socks: topshop | shoes: secondhand | hairbow: ModCloth
I got this dress a year ago when I was in Vienna and took a shopping trip to H&M. The mint green colour used to be more vibrant, but washes have faded it away. In fact, a friend of mine stained the top and back of it in the wash, but that's okay, because I'm planning to do something fun with the dress as a result.

The pins I am wearing on this vintage top are handmade (DIY here), the two beaded bracelets are from H&M in Seattle, and the braided bracelet is from a marketplace in Waikiki.

I love how my socks match this dress perfectly! I bought the socks in London the first time I ever went to Topshop! You have probably seen them before, as well as in pink. There was a 3 for £8 deal I just couldn't refuse! I'm glad I bought them (and a cute 50s car motif pair!) because they are easily my favourite socks. I will definitely need to buy more colours!

This is one of my most favourite outfits to date! Unfortunately, since I will be changing up this dress a tad, I will never get to wear it again with it's gorgeous natural hue, but I look forward to showing you what I did with it! Hope you're all enjoying your week, and it's almost the week-end! Hoorah!

♥ Sarah


  1. Oh I love all the pastel colors in this outfit :) Great dress!

    1. Thank you! So do I, I'm a sucker for anything pastel!