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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hearold & Ornowld

(^ don't ask... really, don't.)

Good evening, everyone! I've had quite an exhausting day, as I went to the mall with Kitty and, shopped 'til I dropped, as they say. It was a very fulfilling day of shopping, I would say. First, I ran some errands (i.e. sending an Etsy order and checking on jobs). Once we got together, we had a nice lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill, took a stroll, visited stores like Topshop, Hot Topic, etc. We only snagged some things from Topshop in the end, but it's still fun to snoop around stores for future delightful deals.

dress: american apparel | collar: handmade | belt: forever 21 | socks: old navy | loafers: target | bracelets: handmade, markets | pin: handmade
This week I made my own collar using Summer's DIY on the blog. I was having trouble with my printer, however, so I ended up cutting my own shape without a guide, and it worked out pretty well, I'd say. After much consideration as to what the design would be, I decided on diamonds! They are a girl's best friend after all. The purple braided bracelet is a little something I bought on the Big Island this past weekend. I got a matching one for Chris and will send it to him soon! (awwwww)

For the longest time, I partook in a journey to find the perfect pair of standard penny loafers. It was a challenge, indeed, but eventually, one day on a trip to Target, I saw them. They were shiny, solid, comfortable, and only $7! Over the years, the sole has come off, but nothing a little E-6000 couldn't fix!

Kitty was also looking super cute today, and too, sported some DIY magic.

headscarf: banana republic | vest: forever 21 | top: primark | bracelet: marc jacobs | skirt: vintage | shoes: forever 21 | pin: handmade
 Last week, when she was over at my house, she made her very own felt Star Trek pin! Pins are so fun to make. If you want to see our technique, you can read this tutorial! I was in love with the wristlets she had, but apparently they were just hair accessories from her youth. I'd say they make a smashing bracelet set, wouldn't you?

I fell in love with her trainers, and was so splendidly surprised to find out they were from Forever 21! They definitely emulated a Miu Miu vibe to me, and reminded me of a certain pair of jewel-toed trainers by the brand.

Tomorrow, I will be interviewing for my dream summer job, which will mean lots of more shopping days, (I kid, I will be saving up!) so wish me luck!

♥ Sarah


  1. I love your collar, I can't believe you made that! And her 'live long and prosper' pin is awesome :)
    Good luck with your interview!

    Holly xoxo

  2. Both of you look absolutely adorable. I love the collar you made, and your dress is so cute. Best of luck on the interview!

    xox Sammi