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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: (500) Days of Summer

Easily one of my favourite films of all time, (500) Days of Summer is also one of my biggest inspiration films. Although the story is grossly misinterpreted by most viewers (Summer's not a b*tch, everyone. Sorry, it's dreamboat JGL with the problem), it gives such feel-good vibes each time I watch it, and I seriously cannot watch it too many times.

The best part about the costumes and set design of this film is that it's 100% gender neutral and whether you're a girl or a guy, you can find something to get you ~inspired~.

Let's start off with Summer (Zooey Deschanel)--this girl has everything I crave when it comes to personal style. You'll almost never not see her wearing blue (symbolism???) throughout the film, which brings out those gorgeous powder blue eyes that Zooey is known for. As a blue eyed gal myself, I will admit this film made me consider adding a bit more of the hue to my wardrobe. Not to mention all of her clothing articles are practically straight from the 50s-60s era (my favourite!). And that "1960s haircut" is out of this world. I used to wear it proudly, and plan to again once my hair grows back.


I don't usually talk much about menswear on this blog (which I also enjoy drooling over), but I can speak for most vintage-loving blogger girls such as myself when I say the way Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dresses, what with his button downs, skinny ties, tailored pants, and cardigans, is absolutely ideal when I think about my perfect dreamboat (also the dimples are a nice touch). Nothing sexier than a well-dressed man that clearly puts effort into what he's going to wear for the day!

Honestly, one of the biggest things I take away from this film is Summer's apartment. It is absolutely perfect, from the wallpaper to the Ringo Starr paintings and little sculptures, to the darling furniture with intricate little details. I mean just...

The beautiful lighting and even more beautiful, tragically flawed man does it wonders as well. Makes me so excited to decorate my own apartment one day soon (once I get out of these blasted dorms).

Now you've had a peek into one of my favourite films ever, hopefully you took something away from it as much as I do each time I watch (or listen to the soundtrack!).

♥ Sarah

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