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Monday, June 24, 2013

(BELATED) Weekly Wishes (21/06/13)

This past weekend, we made a last minute decision to take a trip to The Big Island Friday morning, and I didn't bring my laptop, forgot to queue the Weekly Wishes...you know the drill.

So I'm sorry for the late post! Here are a couple of cute things I've had my eye on last week.

01. To Be Announced Cookie Shoes. I saw these shoes on SoleStruck and automatically pictured all of the possible outfits I could wear them with. I love the platform and buckles, and I feel somehow they'd be oddly comfortable. They'd go really well with some black lipstick, wouldn't you say?

01. Le Bunny Bleu Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats. I'm a huge fan of the whole cat-toed flats trend that seems to be really popular lately, so when I saw the same style done with bunnies in cute pastel colours on Le Bunny Bleu, you know I was drooling! Probably an easy DIY, but still so cute!

So short, I know! I'll make it up to you this coming Friday, I promise!!

♥ Sarah

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