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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes (28/05/13)

Ahhh, I'm late again, it would appear, folks. I don't know what is going through my head lately--just been quite busy yet again! (Maybe I should just change my Weekly Wishes post to Sundays if I keep this up!) Hopefully you'll like these pieces I've seen this week!

01. Mura Mirror Mirror Dress. As soon as I saw this dress (and the SALE mark), I instantly pictured it with my trusty Levi's denim jacket, lots of pins, and combat boots or cute flats. Absolutely love the print right on the centre, the beautiful, bold colour, and the material looks so soft and comfortable!

02. Stella McCartney Resort 2014 Dress. I saw this dress on The Clothes Horse blog and thought it was so darling! Nothing quite like a collage on your own perfectly tailored nude mini dress! There's also a skirt with the same detail, but you all know I'm a dress girl, myself! The lips remind me of a pin I have on sale in my Etsy shop!

03. Betsey Johnson Cat Eye Sunglasses. I went for a T.J. Maxx run this week (I can't wait to show you my new swimsuit!) and stumbled upon so many Betsey Johnson sunnies! I'm a sucker for the brand (easily identified by the hot pink sticker!) so when I stumbled upon these purple frames at such a reasonable price ($12.99!) I knew I had to go back and nab them when I had the chance. The shape did wonders for my facial structure, and the colour is so pretty!

04. Ghost World. Summertime is my biggest reading binge time, so I'm trying to find new books to read (lately, I've been on the depressing book route for a tad bit too long--it's beginning to bring me down quite a bit!). I remembered that I've been meaning to see the film, Ghost World, for some time now, and thought, why not read the graphic novel first?

05. Nishe Sweetheart Dress in Cupcake. I was posting on my other blog, Elle Fanning Style, and while searching for a similar match to Elle's cute dress, I stumbled upon this gingham cupcake embroidered number at ASOS. I just thought it was so darling! 

Hope you all had a lovely week and June is nearly over! Summer is speeding by fast! Enjoy the sun while it lasts!

♥ Sarah

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hearold & Ornowld

(^ don't ask... really, don't.)

Good evening, everyone! I've had quite an exhausting day, as I went to the mall with Kitty and, shopped 'til I dropped, as they say. It was a very fulfilling day of shopping, I would say. First, I ran some errands (i.e. sending an Etsy order and checking on jobs). Once we got together, we had a nice lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill, took a stroll, visited stores like Topshop, Hot Topic, etc. We only snagged some things from Topshop in the end, but it's still fun to snoop around stores for future delightful deals.

dress: american apparel | collar: handmade | belt: forever 21 | socks: old navy | loafers: target | bracelets: handmade, markets | pin: handmade
This week I made my own collar using Summer's DIY on the blog. I was having trouble with my printer, however, so I ended up cutting my own shape without a guide, and it worked out pretty well, I'd say. After much consideration as to what the design would be, I decided on diamonds! They are a girl's best friend after all. The purple braided bracelet is a little something I bought on the Big Island this past weekend. I got a matching one for Chris and will send it to him soon! (awwwww)

For the longest time, I partook in a journey to find the perfect pair of standard penny loafers. It was a challenge, indeed, but eventually, one day on a trip to Target, I saw them. They were shiny, solid, comfortable, and only $7! Over the years, the sole has come off, but nothing a little E-6000 couldn't fix!

Kitty was also looking super cute today, and too, sported some DIY magic.

headscarf: banana republic | vest: forever 21 | top: primark | bracelet: marc jacobs | skirt: vintage | shoes: forever 21 | pin: handmade
 Last week, when she was over at my house, she made her very own felt Star Trek pin! Pins are so fun to make. If you want to see our technique, you can read this tutorial! I was in love with the wristlets she had, but apparently they were just hair accessories from her youth. I'd say they make a smashing bracelet set, wouldn't you?

I fell in love with her trainers, and was so splendidly surprised to find out they were from Forever 21! They definitely emulated a Miu Miu vibe to me, and reminded me of a certain pair of jewel-toed trainers by the brand.

Tomorrow, I will be interviewing for my dream summer job, which will mean lots of more shopping days, (I kid, I will be saving up!) so wish me luck!

♥ Sarah

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: (500) Days of Summer

Easily one of my favourite films of all time, (500) Days of Summer is also one of my biggest inspiration films. Although the story is grossly misinterpreted by most viewers (Summer's not a b*tch, everyone. Sorry, it's dreamboat JGL with the problem), it gives such feel-good vibes each time I watch it, and I seriously cannot watch it too many times.

The best part about the costumes and set design of this film is that it's 100% gender neutral and whether you're a girl or a guy, you can find something to get you ~inspired~.

Let's start off with Summer (Zooey Deschanel)--this girl has everything I crave when it comes to personal style. You'll almost never not see her wearing blue (symbolism???) throughout the film, which brings out those gorgeous powder blue eyes that Zooey is known for. As a blue eyed gal myself, I will admit this film made me consider adding a bit more of the hue to my wardrobe. Not to mention all of her clothing articles are practically straight from the 50s-60s era (my favourite!). And that "1960s haircut" is out of this world. I used to wear it proudly, and plan to again once my hair grows back.


I don't usually talk much about menswear on this blog (which I also enjoy drooling over), but I can speak for most vintage-loving blogger girls such as myself when I say the way Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dresses, what with his button downs, skinny ties, tailored pants, and cardigans, is absolutely ideal when I think about my perfect dreamboat (also the dimples are a nice touch). Nothing sexier than a well-dressed man that clearly puts effort into what he's going to wear for the day!

Honestly, one of the biggest things I take away from this film is Summer's apartment. It is absolutely perfect, from the wallpaper to the Ringo Starr paintings and little sculptures, to the darling furniture with intricate little details. I mean just...

The beautiful lighting and even more beautiful, tragically flawed man does it wonders as well. Makes me so excited to decorate my own apartment one day soon (once I get out of these blasted dorms).

Now you've had a peek into one of my favourite films ever, hopefully you took something away from it as much as I do each time I watch (or listen to the soundtrack!).

♥ Sarah

Monday, June 24, 2013

(BELATED) Weekly Wishes (21/06/13)

This past weekend, we made a last minute decision to take a trip to The Big Island Friday morning, and I didn't bring my laptop, forgot to queue the Weekly Wishes...you know the drill.

So I'm sorry for the late post! Here are a couple of cute things I've had my eye on last week.

01. To Be Announced Cookie Shoes. I saw these shoes on SoleStruck and automatically pictured all of the possible outfits I could wear them with. I love the platform and buckles, and I feel somehow they'd be oddly comfortable. They'd go really well with some black lipstick, wouldn't you say?

01. Le Bunny Bleu Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats. I'm a huge fan of the whole cat-toed flats trend that seems to be really popular lately, so when I saw the same style done with bunnies in cute pastel colours on Le Bunny Bleu, you know I was drooling! Probably an easy DIY, but still so cute!

So short, I know! I'll make it up to you this coming Friday, I promise!!

♥ Sarah

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pastel Dreams

Hello, my little tulips! Today I had to take my kitty, Ozzy, to the vet because he hasn't been feeling well (yes, I'm a crazy cat lady) and then I met up with Kitty at the mall! It's been a kitty-filled day.

dress with belt: h&m  | top: vintage | socks: topshop | shoes: secondhand | hairbow: ModCloth
I got this dress a year ago when I was in Vienna and took a shopping trip to H&M. The mint green colour used to be more vibrant, but washes have faded it away. In fact, a friend of mine stained the top and back of it in the wash, but that's okay, because I'm planning to do something fun with the dress as a result.

The pins I am wearing on this vintage top are handmade (DIY here), the two beaded bracelets are from H&M in Seattle, and the braided bracelet is from a marketplace in Waikiki.

I love how my socks match this dress perfectly! I bought the socks in London the first time I ever went to Topshop! You have probably seen them before, as well as in pink. There was a 3 for £8 deal I just couldn't refuse! I'm glad I bought them (and a cute 50s car motif pair!) because they are easily my favourite socks. I will definitely need to buy more colours!

This is one of my most favourite outfits to date! Unfortunately, since I will be changing up this dress a tad, I will never get to wear it again with it's gorgeous natural hue, but I look forward to showing you what I did with it! Hope you're all enjoying your week, and it's almost the week-end! Hoorah!

♥ Sarah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watercolour wonders

You know that you have a really good best friend (in fact, the best) when you lounge around the house together all day doing nothing and it's still a grand old time. Case in point, that's pretty much how Sarah and I spent our day but we weren't totally unproductive! I made my first flower crown, which I am proudly sporting in the photo below.

crown: handmade | top: levi's | shorts: gilly hicks | sandals: coach

I hadn't intended on making an outfit post today, but once I made my flower crown I couldn't resist! This summer's been particularly hot, so I decided to have a casual day by wearing shorts, sandals, and a breezy top. The design reminds me of watercolour, which is one of my favourite mediums; it's a lot like Photoshop in that you can add a half dozen layers, and each makes the final product more detailed and beautiful.
Speaking of artistic endeavors, crafting is loads of fun and a lot easier than I expected I didn't even set fire to anything with the hot glue gun! Well, there was smoke, but that doesn't count. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

So I realise Rookie did something quite similar to this, but today I am going to talk about my personal experience with long distance relationships and how I learnt to not allow it to interfere with my relationship, and maybe these will help you. And if not, you should definitely read the Rookie article about this same issue. (It may get repetitive if you read both, however. Because these are pretty standard tips to live by in an "LDR".)

As many of you may know, I am currently enduring a long distance relationship for the entire summer with my dear boyfriend Christopher. I had been in a long distance relationship before, but we weren't nearly as close as Chris and I are and the relationship was much shorter prior to my departure. It is also more difficult in this case because I am all the way in Hawaii and Chris is in Connecticut. Not only is the distance a scary factor, but the time difference is less than to be desired (6 hours! Ahh!)

It's been a whole month since I've been away (which doesn't seem like much for some, but after living across the street from him and seeing each other every day, it's hard!) and my relationship is just as strong, if not stronger, than when we left each other. "How does she do it?" you may be asking. Well, you should keep some of these things in mind if you are soon going into a long distance relationship or currently are in one:

01. Before it starts, make sure it's 100% mutual. (This applies to most relationship in general!) Whether you are going to be in an open relationship or stay faithful to only one another during your time apart, you must ensure your feelings for one another are completely mutual before leaving. It will be hard for feelings to develop further when away, so don't expect one partner to grow deeper feelings through a computer screen. I learnt that the hard way! It's a lot to ask if you love the person you are about to do this with, but it could be very important. Love can lead one to be more committed to the relationship. If you're not in love though, don't force it!

02. Ask yourself if you trust your partner. Are you ready to leave this person on their own with just the thought that he or she has no desire to be with anyone else? Or can you even trust that they won't give up because the whole LDR thing is too hard and leave you? If you have any doubts, your relationship may not be developed enough for complete trust, which is a key element in long distance relationships. In order to gain trust, dating someone for a few months before you leave might be the best option. In other words, if you are going to move in a month, maybe that's not the best time to start a relationship! (However, I do know that sometimes the right one pops up at the wrong time, and there's no helping that!)

03. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Once you are apart, it is so, so, so important to communicate. Now, this doesn't mean talk to each other 24/7 (unless both partners want to do this!), it means just make sure that you are as open as possible with your feelings. Long distance relationships are not the time for petty passive aggression. It is more difficult to fully understand how someone is feeling from miles away, so if you are feeling a certain way, make it known. If you're upset, let your partner know, don't just assume they "can tell". This is important for any type of relationship, but much more vital with distance.

04. Organise a possible schedule. You don't have to have an exact set time, but planning to talk or Skype at a certain time during the day can help communication flow much easier and then each partner can know to set time aside for his or her significant other each day. It is important to put some effort on each side! A schedule can ensure one person does not feel like they are putting more effort into talking than the other.

05. Recognise it's not going to be easy. Positivity and optimism about long distance relationships is important, but at the same time, you must recognise that entering a long distance relationship is going to be hard. Not having physical contact with the person you love may at times drive you absolutely insane. You may cry. You may get mad. Just remember to breathe. If it will help, start a countdown and write it down on a whiteboard, in a journal or planner. In some cases, this can make it appear time is going by much quicker, but in other cases it may make it seem like the time is going by even slower. Figure out what works best for you to keep yourself up and remember that you will be back together eventually!

06. Enjoy being along. This can be hard for some people, and really easy for others, but it's imperative for a person in a long distance relationship to enjoy their time alone. By this, I mean that you should go out with friends, read good books, do some of your favourite hobbies and crafts, start a new telly programme on Netflix, work, etc. I personally enjoy reading from time to time to escape reality, it's amazing how time can fly! Being alone is healthy, and much easier to do when in a long distance relationship!

07. Are you ready? Nobody has to go into a long distance relationship!!! This is something to always keep in mind. For some people, it might just be what one has to do if they are in a relationship and are about to leave for a period of time. If you personally feel that you aren't ready, don't do it. As difficult as breakups are, this may be the best solution in this case. Of course, if you truly care about this person but just aren't ready to be away, you could always propose a "break" until you are back together, if that sounds more appealing and reassuring.

There are also little things to do to help keep your relationship strong from a distance:

  • Text! If you and your partner text, don't hold back from sending little messages throughout the day! Whether they are flirty and sweet, they can definitely keep the morale up! 
  • Send pictures! Sending and receiving pictures of your partner can almost begin to feel like they are right next to you! 
  • Keepsakes! You can send little care packages filled with reminders of yourself, or steal a T-shirt to sleep in before you part just so you have something to look at each day to make you smile and think of your partner. (I personally have one of Chris' T-shirts that smells like him and slipped it on a pillow to cuddle when I sleep! Some say creepy, I say cute!)
  • Phone calls! Phone calls can be so intimate and sweet. Try calling each other before bed and saying good night. You'll definitely sleep better!
  • Skype! Skype or any other video chatting programme is one of the greatest inventions for long distance relationships! You can look right into your partner's eyes and tell them you love them.
  • Letters & Cards! Almost everyone loves getting mail--so what's better than having a letter or card sent with love from your significant other? (If you wear makeup, you can put a little kiss on the envelope or by your name at the end of the message!) Letters can be kept together in a cute box dedicated just to you or your partner! How romantic! (Can anyone say The Notebook?)
  • Visit one another! This can be a bit of a stretch, especially because transportation can be so expensive! But if you can, visits to see one another at least once can be so thrilling, even if it's a short time together.
That's my input on long distance relationships, and by following this, I seem to be doing pretty well thus far! You just have to believe in yourself and your partner and it will get easier. Just have some trust and enjoy the little time you get to talk to each other.

If you have anything to add, or what you've learnt from your personal experience, comment below! Hope this could help if it's relevant to you!

♥ Sarah

Sunday, June 16, 2013

4 Months

Hello, loves! This past Friday I had a lovely afternoon and evening with Rachael and Maya as we partook in some thrifting, crafts, and watching some great films (i.e. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and (500) Days of Summer)!

It was warmer than usual, and I wanted to be able to wear my suspender belt that matched the collar and button of my top, so I just skipped the stockings and had my suspenders hang down my legs. Quite unorthodox, but I thought it worked! I might do that more often on hot days, since I love wearing my suspender belts!

crown: handmade | top: everblue | shorts: ross | socks: betsey johnson | boots: dr. martens | belt: betsey johnson | suspender belt: victoria's secret | pin: handmade | bracelets: handmade, gift, h&m
I wore my handmade pin that says Chris (my love!) in a heart that day because Friday (14/6) marked our four months of being together! I couldn't be with him in person (for the first anniversary since we've begun dating!) so I had him close to my heart in accessory form! I also wore a lot of his favourite colour, purple!

This is one of my most favourite flower crowns I've ever made! I made it earlier in the week on a lazy day at home, as well as a fluffy pink one. I love making crowns for every occasion, I also am going to try and put more up in my etsy this summer!

I particularly liked this outfit when I put it together the morning previous. I find that when I plan out my outfits for the following day, I get more excited to get ready in the morning! Do you ever feel the same way? I hope you all had a fantastic week!

Thanks to Rachael for the outfit photographs! ♡♡

♥ Sarah

Those were the days

I was going through old photographs on my computer and stumbled upon a few from summer break after my Junior year of high school, when I visited San Francisco. I took outfit photos and planned to make my own fashion blog over the break. That never happened, but I figure I will be able to share them with you all now, since I actually have a blog! (Not quite sure if that sentence made much sense...) So prepare for BABY SARAH! (well not quite. less than three years ago!)

The first is a day we were driving out of the city and headed down to Fresno, where some of my family lives. It featured some pieces that I just purchased for the summertime and absolutely adored! Around this point in my life, my style was beginning to unfold. I remember identifying my true style the summer before Junior year and that's when style became a huge part of my life!

sunnies: h&m | cardie: old navy | tank: old navy | skirt: forever 21 | trainers: h&m | pearls: mum's 
This second look is what I planned for my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary party. 65 years, isn't that something? I love navy and white with red accents. It took so long to find a decent red belt, but when I did I was so thrilled!

dress: i don't recall! | top: ross (??) | socks: claire's | shoes: (my favourites!) ross

There, look at that, two for the price of one! I hope you enjoyed vintage Sarah memories. Can you see I still dress very similar? (You can see the polka dot dress here!) I'm glad I could finally put these photos to good use--the purpose for which they were intended!

Oh, and I want to know, when did you begin to find your personal style? One's style is constantly changing, but there's a point where it becomes an important part of a person's life! I want to know when that was for you readers! Leave a comment below!

♥ Sarah

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Marie Antoinette

As a colossal fan of pastel colours, ruffles, florals, lace, and anything girly, naturally, I am blown away by the colours and visuals of Sofia Coppola's 2006 period piece Marie Antoinette, that follows the life of the ever-so infamous Marie Antoinette herself, but more importantly, I found the costume design and fashion of the era in general to be so delightfully inspiring!

(If you haven't seen the film, allow these images in this post to give you a little taste of what is to be expected visually!)

There is something about 18th century clothing and accessories that is so particularly charming. The elegance and femininity of it all are qualities I try to hold in some of my most favourite ensembles. 

It can be difficult to properly pay homage to such an era without completely sticking out in a crowd, so subtlety is key if you are going for an every day look. (That's not to say you can't go out full decked out as if you were antique French royalty if that's what you want to do!)

However, if you're looking for a more subtle look, take a look at what I put together below for some inspiration!

  1. SUNO Rose/Pistachio Floral Print Cotton-Silk Peplum Dress ($690.00)
  2. Alannah Hill I Surrender! Statement Belt ($79.00)
  3. Marie Antoinette Oversized Fan ($16.99)
  4. Valentino Garavani D'Orsay Couture Pump ($695.00)
  5. Kate Spade Belle Fleur Pearl Statement Necklace ($298.00)
  6. Forzieri White Flowered Lace Gloves ($75.00)
  7. Forever New Britney Pearl & Crystal Cuff ($24.99)
  8. Bauble Bar Blue Antoinette Drops ($26.00)
  9. Carolee Heart Ombré Pearl Bracelet ($50.00)
  10. Corsets-UK A3504 Corset (£24.00) with Dorothy Perkins Peach Layered Ribbon ($6.00)
  11. ASOS Rock n' Rose Flower Crown ($61.09)
  12. J. by Jasper Conran Ivory Lace Stocking (£12.50)
  13. ModCloth Va Va Voluminous Petticoat ($59.99)
  14. Essie Future Dreams Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Varnish (£7.90) 
  15. AERIN Beauty Lipstick in Beach Beige ($30.00)
  16. Boticca Marie Antoinette Fan Lavender Handbag ($124.00)
Hopefully with these photos and the outfit I put together, you too can go forth and be inspired by Marie Antoinette for that fancy dinner event coming up or even plan your own Marie Antoinette screening party! Just make sure to include a colourful and delicious marcaron plate on your menu! 

♥ Sarah

Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Wishes (14/06/13)

Hello, everyone! It's been a busy week as I'm trying to get a job and think of more blog ideas for you all! Thankfully, both of those things involve many trips to the mall as well as online stores, so I've had my eye on a few things that I'd die to own!

01. Topshop Martina T-Bar Geek Shoes. This past Sunday, I fell in love. In love with a pair of shoes. I was at the mall with Kitty, and made a trip to Nordstrom for an Italian cream soda and some browsing. When we reached the Top Shop corner--there they were... the most adorable pair of school-girl T-bar shoes I've ever come to find. I decided right then and there that they would be my treat once I sell my camera. However, they no longer sell them online and the likelihood of the store still having my size after I sell is slim... but I can still stare at them all I want!

02. ASOS Scallop Detail Satchel Bag. Is it pink? Check. Satchel design? You betcha. Gold buckles? Yep. Cute scallop detail? Aye aye. Sounds like the perfect bag for me! And they just so happen to sell it at ASOS.

03. ModCloth Work With Me Dress in Mint. I think the peplum style is so chic and professional, so I absolutely adore this mint dress from ModCloth! Even cuter, it has a Peter Pan collar and some 80s-inspired sleeves! The dress is also on the more affordable side of ModCloth dresses, at only $49.99! I'd wear this to a wedding or a nice dinner with my love!

04. Topshop Comic Pop Art Sweat. I've been interested in purchasing more jumpers as of late since they would be on sale in the summer time and I would wear them when I go back to San Francisco. I was looking on Topshop's website and saw this comic inspired jumper and thought it was so fun and cute! And of course, the price is right at 50% off!

05. Chicwish Peter Pan Collar High Waist Dress. Pastel blue is one of my favourite colours (as are most pastel colours) but I don't actually own a lot of it, so seeing this beautiful dress on Chicwish made me picture my blonde hair with the colour (or even my red hair when I'm back to that) and I had to snap myself out of the dreamland I found myself in. Is this not the cutest dress you've ever seen? And it can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. A good investment, I'd say.

07. Topshop Tile Cigarette Trousers. I don't often wear trousers or jeans but if I were to wear one pair of trousers every day, it would be these ones from Topshop. Cigarette trousers are so clean and tailored and suit any woman who is eager to look chic and/or professional. I think they'd do wonders at an interview.

There sure has been a lot of Topshop in this week's Weekly Wishes instalment, but I suppose that's because I can't stop visiting their website and oohing and ahhing over their sale! Hopefully, I'll come into some money within the next few weeks (i.e. get a job) and can make some of these wishes a reality. If not, my birthday is always coming up in August!

♥ Sarah

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Technological Malfunctions

Hello, chums! Here's a quick little outfit post for the day! Please don't mine my legs and feet in this...no matter how many times I changed the ISO, it was always way too bright! Clearly I am camera inept, but I am in the process of selling my camera so that I can get a new one with a swivel LCD so that I can actually see myself if I attempt to use a self-timer again. With practice, I should get better! But I mean, it looks kinda cool anyway, I think...

bow print dress: forever 21 | flower crown: handmade | belt: h&m | nude heels: macy's | unicorn necklace: secondhand (from shannon!)

Yeah... thankfully I have talented friends that can take my outfit photos in the future... but today I am staying in and having some much-needed me time. I think a girl can still get dressed up if she's just lazing around at home, right?

You can kind of see the frustration in my face because it took so many tries to get a shot, and sadly, this was the best I could do. I promise I'll work on it! The new camera should help a lot.... (if this darn camera sells)

That's not the only technological issue I've been having today. Earlier, the blog's layout was messing up  badly (those of you that saw my little note already know this) and the background was misplaced and it was just a disaster! It took a lot of going through the coding to find the problem, but it's fixed now, thankfully.

Tomorrow should be a much more active and less stressful day, as I am going out shopping with my mum! I look forward to finding new pieces for work (if I get hired soon, cross your fingers!) and school in the fall.

Hope you are all enjoying your midweek! I think I am going to spend the rest of the day cooking and finishing up Glee!

♥ Sarah

Is this Hawaii or Vulcan?

Hello goslings! (I'm using that in the baby-geese sense, not the plural-of-Ryan-Gosling-sense but now I'm imagining little miniature Ryan Goslings waddling about like goslings are wont to do!) Anyways, after scoring a cute dress on a shopping jaunt with Sarah, I headed over to Magic Island/Ala Moana Beach Park to watch the sunset over the ocean with some friends. It was hotter than Vulcan today, but the breeze coming off the sea cooled us down and we decided to take some pictures!

As you can tell, I practically live in those midnight blue ballet flats from Primark, and I've developed an addiction to headscarves! (Seriously, I may be required to take a 12-step program.) I wish you could see my necklace more clearly as well, because it's a wee hedgehog that Sarah got for me! I'm sure it'll be the star of my next outfit. (Hedgehogs, as well as Corgis, are one of the reasons why I continue to live on this planet.)

head scarf: banana republic | necklace: forever 21 (a gift from sarah!) | dress: forever 21 | shoes: primark

 Just look at that obligatory palm tree in the background! It goes nicely with the obligatory picture-of-my-feet-near-the-ocean (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I love the ocean, and it looks especially beautiful with the sun illuminating the surface. When was the last time you watched the sunset?

(・ω・ )

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prom Memories

Hello, my little pistachios! I've been looking back fondly on my senior prom lately, (I even had a dream I went to another prom now!) and how beautiful my dress was. I only went to my senior prom, and although it wasn't as great of an experience as I thought a prom should have been and I try not to look back at high school times since I have a completely new life now, I still love and occasion to dress up as fancy as possible.

gown: vintage | handbag: vintage | shoes: secondhand | jewellery: handmade by my mum
This dress is 6,000 shades of perfect. I can only list the reasons! It's from my favourite era, the 1960s, it's pink, it has lace, it has ruffles, it has a bow, and the material was light and easy to manoeuvre. In short--I felt like a princess. My mum actually found this perfect dress on Vintageous.com  and we were so afraid it would be too small, but once it came in the mail, I tried it on and it fit like a glove. Almost as if it was made for me!

My mum also found the purse (she's good, huh?) at Goodwill for $1.50 and it went so well with the dress and fit everything I needed to bring snugly inside. Although I didn't take a date (aka I had no desire to/I go to an all-girls school and the only option was my boyfriend-to-be later that summer but thankfully that didn't happen) Honestly, if you can, go to your prom alone. Statistically, most high school relationships will not last, and the only prom memory you will have would be with an old boyfriend, and prom should be a happy memory!! If you still want a plus one, go with a really good friend and just make sure to have a good time. I thought through, and the positives of going with friends outweighed the positives of having a date (you have to tend to their needs and all that baloney, when instead you can worry about you and only you).

I walked to prom with Shannon and her date, then met up with Kitty outside, and my dad took photos of us (who needs a photobooth?) It was much more relaxing to know that the night was all about me and my friends and having some fun and food.

Sometime before prom season next year if anyone is interested, I'll do a Prom on a Budget post! If you'd like to see that, comment below!

& for those of you that just had your prom or senior formal, I hope you all had a wonderful time!

♥ Sarah