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Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Wishes (17/05/13)

Hello, my songbirds, and happy Friday! So many delectable finds this week--I can't wait to share them with you! Let's begin, shall we?

01. Agent Provocateur Natasha Bra & Suspender Brief Set. Okay, so this set is from 2008 and not obtainable (well, it was on eBay, sob) but I just about drooled over it. You all should know my love for  lingerie, and I just love the colour, the lace trim detailing, the attached suspenders to the briefs--sigh. It makes me want to go underwear shopping sometime soon (which I'll need to do anyway...TMI?)

02. Everything in Japan Town. And I mean everything. Chris and I were celebrating our three month anniversary by taking a trip to Japan Town (and eating at our favourite great deal restaurant--Mifune! Yummy!) and decided to check out some of the shops we enjoy looking in. Some of my favourites are Shibuya and Maido, and I could hardly contain myself this time. If I wasn't "oohing" and "awwing" I was sobbing over the sheer amount of want that I had inside of me looking at the painful adorableness!

03. ModCloth Scene and Believed Dress. Oh my gosh. Let's talk about this dress for a moment. It is absolutely stunning. This is definitely more of a springtime dress but I saw it this week and couldn't help but fall in love. The print is gorgeous and the collar and bow tie front are so dreamy! The designer is Bernie Dexter who designs some of the most intricate and beautiful dresses that are featured on ModCloth! Wish I had a bit more dough, I'd buy this one in a heartbeat.

04. Meowmaid Pins. I first saw this pin in a post on one of my favourite blogs, Mermaidens, and instantly felt my heart pounding. What's not to love? It's two of my most favourite things combined into an adorable plush pin. Not to mention they are so, so, so, so, so cute! They are sold at The Albino Hare, and they've got some other pretty snazzy pins there as well. Which do you like better, white and green, or green and pink?

That's it for this week! Hope you all are doing well, and next time you see me I'll be back in Hawaii!

♥ Sarah

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