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Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Wishes (03/05/2013)

Hello, my fine feathered friends! It's Friday and that means time for another Weekly Wishes! There were so many things (mostly on ModCloth) that I wanted this week, as usual, but here are just a few things I simply must have!

01. Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling. Okay, so I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling, but really, who doesn't? (And I mean, really. Guys and girls of all sexualities can appreciate this guy!) After I watched an interview with Elle Fanning  and she mentioned a Ryan Gosling colouring book (she's got an eye for the dreamboat as well) that she got as a gift, I thought "I MUST HAVE THIS". Then, while shopping with some friends, I saw the colouring book in Urban Outfitters. Needless to say, it made its way on my Weekly Wishes list this week.

02. ModCloth Presh is More Heel. How perfect are these little patent heels? I just about squealed when I passed them by on ModCloth this week. The colour, the t-bar strap, the cute, comfortable height heel--oh what a perfect pair of shoes! I could think of a few things I own that would compliment these well.


03. ModCloth 127 Flowers Dress. I don't know what I love more about this dress, the minty colour, the floral pattern, the silhouette, the neckline... it might quite possibly be the price! At only $47.99, it's one of the cheaper dresses ModCloth has to offer--especially of the ones I've loved and just about one of the cutest I've yet to see! It is definitely a contender for my birthday dress if it's still in stock--at the moment they are out of my size!

04. ESSIE Nail Polish. I've recently been painting my nails more often (every few days) and want to experiment with new colours! Essie has such beautiful pastel selections that I just die for! I might be using my Target giftcard on a couple of colours next time I go shopping! That will be something I do this summer--collect nail varnish colours to match any ensemble!


05. This vintage wedding dress! I am the type of girl that dreams of her wedding day and makes plans way too far in advanced, but I just love weddings! I've always dreamed of what my perfect wedding dress would look like (vintage, of course), and I fell in love with the details of this one on Etsy. I love anything with lots of lace and a big bow!

In other news--if you remember my Weekly Wishes post from two weeks ago, you'll recall that I wanted, nay, needed the May issue of Vogue with Carey Mulligan on the cover--and as of today, I am a proud owner of that very magazine!

I can't wait to read the articles and look through the ads (my favourite part about magazines sometimes!) and of course drool over the amazing photography and fashion in this Jazz Age inspired issue.

Hope you all had a great week and keep on wishing!

♥ Sarah

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