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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Rachel Berry

There are two things I have to admit to all of you today. One, I am a self-proclaimed gleek. Well, in some aspects, I stopped watching mid-season 3, but I have considered catching up this summer. DON'T STOP READING! I know it's ~trendy~ to hate Glee and all, and I'm not saying it's remarkable story-wise, or eve performance-wise, but I, personally, enjoy watching repeats on Netflix from time to time, and I used to be a die-hard fan back in high school. If you don't enjoy it and thinks it ruins all music and all that, that's perfectly fine, but I find it entertaining! And I think that's okay!

Okay, admission number two, if you can get past the first--I am a Rachel Berry fan. Oh, c'mon! You know she's the girl everyone loves to hate--and I'm one of them. Something about her stride to be amazing is somewhat inspiring, right? Even if she comes off as a total...well, b-word, sometimes. The main thing I love about Rachel is her STYLE. That could be because I was told throughout high school I dress exactly like her and I may own a piece or two from her closet unintentionally, but I just get so inspired with every episode! From her cute animal sweaters to her patent black Mary Jane flats (with knee-high socks, of course!) Rachel is definitely one of my fashion queens! (For the sake of this post, let's disregard the blue pantsuit disaster of Season 1...please.)

Rachel Berry essential: a colourful wardrobe!

Not only does Rachel have timeless school-girl chic, she also continually revisits some of my favourite designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Eva Franco, to some of my favourite cheaper alternatives like Forever 21 and H&M. There are even some stunning vintage pieces that the lucky actress, Lea Michele, gets to wear while portraying Rachel.

This girl is so stylish, she even has a whole blog dedicated to her pieces and personal style. What does that tell you? I'm not alone in the admiration!

Glee is filled with fashionable divas, so I ask you, dear readers, if you're a gleek like myself, which songstress would you love to raid the closet of if you had the chance? Let me know!

♥ Sarah

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