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Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wishes (26/04/13)

Hello! Here is another collection of items I'd really like to have that I've seen over the past week! (Note: this post was written, edited, and drafted throughout the week and then queued to post on the blog on Friday, as I will do from now on with this feature!)

1. Mean Girls pencils. When I saw these pencils on Tumblr, I just about died. Not only are these pencils the most perfect shade of pale pink, but they are engraved with quotes from the teen girl movie of the century--Mean Girls. Imagine using them in class and someone next to you recognises the quote--instant new friend!


2. Still Into You Ensemble. Ever since I saw Paramore's music video for their latest single Still Into You, I've been obsessed, I repeat, OBSESSED with Hayley Williams' (a huge fashion inspiration for 5+ years now--you'll see a girl crush post about her soon!) outfit and I know everyone can't stop talking and blogging about it so this might be a bit redundant but seriously! I need this on my body! And every item is available online! (I realise this is multiple items, but I am listing it all as ONE wish for this week!)

(background image source)
  1. UNIF Pastel Moto Jacket
  2. TOPSHOP Dweeb Crop
  3. URB Neon Yellow Melting Tights
  4. TOPSHOP Wide Hinge Detail Belt
  5. SYREN Latex Swing Dress
  6. DR. MARTENS 1460 8-Eyelet Boot
3. CHANEL Jellies. How brilliant are these shoes? I've been a jellies fanatic since I was but a wee toddler--in fact I had a little "photoshoot" in my backyard with a pair of sparkly ones. Oh how I remember them... I wish my feet were still that small! Anyway, I saw these beauties in pink on Tumblr and decided to do some online window shopping and found a pair in my size on Amazon in white. They are so beautiful, but unfortunately, I do not have $800 to blow, so all I can do is drool.

This week was filled with a lot of "want", but I will stop here. I got some American Apparel shopping done as a little reward for saving money so that was a nice little break from all the WANT WANT WANT. I think I will start treating myself depending on how much money I can save or how well I am doing in classes and stuff like that as opposed to just buying if I have the money. Should work out in my favour.

Anyway! Hope you all had a wonderful week! (Only three weeks left of school--wow!)

♥ Sarah


  1. I absolutely ADORE those pencils!! I want them right now. Also, I have Still Into You on repeat lately! :D xoxo


    1. Right?? I'd be afraid to sharpen them though so I don't use it all up haha
      Ugh, me too, how great is that song?