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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Bright Side: Going Home for Summer

Hello there, my bumble bees! It is the end of April, which means the final weeks of school are closing in. Since I do not have summer classes or a job here in the city, I will be going home, which is not something I am looking forward to incredibly.

You see, I come from a pretty little place called Hawaii. Now I can probably read your mind right now, based off of the reactions I typically get--"HAWAII! Paradise! How lucky!" That may be the case for some people, but I do not particularly enjoy Hawaii. In fact, you could argue that I hate it. I am not going to go into details, but it is my opinion, and after living there for 12 years as a born-city girl, feeling so confined to one small area of land was torture! Don't get me wrong--I am very fortunate to have been raised in the beautiful, warm, weather, easy travelling distances, and beautiful bird calls every morning--but people have preferences and mine is definitely not living there! That's all.

However, I will be going back for four months soon. There are many things I am dreading--not being able to walk around the city, being away from my boyfriend for four months, most likely getting sunburnt, etc., but here at Love & Velvet, I like to focus on the positive! Which brings us to a possible new feature, by the name of THE BRIGHT SIDE. If I focus on only the positive aspects of going back home (in no particular order), I will not be miserable every second--at least that's my logic! Now, let's get started!

01. My family! Of course living on my own 2,500 miles away is a nice getaway, but it's always such a great feeling to be at home with mum's cooking, brother's video game systems, and dad always taking pictures of every moment. Oh, and you can't forget the CATS! (Oh, how I missed those adorably dumb little creatures.)

Graduation 2012!
Ozzy (left) and Ringo (right)

02. My girls! Although I have given up on many relationships back at home, there are three people that I hold very close to my heart to this day and cannot wait to be reunited with (two of which will be writing on this blog in the near future)!

Let's start off with Kitty, my best friend in the entire universe! Words cannot describe my love for this girl. We've been through everything together, and even though she's 5,000 miles away in Edinburgh, we didn't let the distance come between us! It's been almost a year since I've seen her in person and am so stoked to spend every laugh together. (I could write about her forever, so I'll stop here)
Kitty's 16th birthday party, October 2010. 
Next up, is the first girl I met out on this list--the always beautiful and hilarious Shannon! Another one of my best pals from high school, Shannon and I never seem to get bored when we are together. There's always something to laugh at! I love life when I'm with Shannon (even when she forces me to go to the beach...), and cannot wait to have more adventures this summer! I was lucky enough to see her over winter break and it was just like old times. We will get into some more serious trouble these upcoming months... I'm sure of it!

at the beach, July 2011
And last, but most certainly not least, my darling, darling Rachael. Don't be fooled--the picture below is in fact two different people. We may look like twins, (and may be the exact same person personality-wise sometimes for that matter), but for some reason we never get sick of one another! Whether we are making flower crowns, burning an Owl City t-shirt, (all of which will be blogged about--do not fret!), taking photos and thrifting, or just sitting around making Spongebob references in ungodly voices, I love spending time with my "twin", and our creative juices combined almost overflow with awesome when we are in the same room! (Oh, and Rachael has her own blog too, so you should check it out!)

Bubbie's Ice Cream parlour, 2012. I'm the one on the right, I know it's hard to tell.

03. Swimming! I may hate the beach (sand, people, jellyfish, ick!!), but I absolutely adore swimming. I was blessed to grow up in a house with a pool, so I have this opportunity whenever I want! The best part about swimming (besides the cool, refreshing water of course)? The cute swimsuits!! I cannot wait to go shopping for more vintage inspired swimsuits like the ones below! With the sunnies and sun hat to top it off, of course! You could swim in San Francisco, but it's not usually warm enough!

  1. American Apparel Patterned Polyester Spandex Swim Suit
  2. ModCloth Beauty on the Shore One Piece
  3. Betsey Johnson Lace and Ruffle Swim Suit

04. No Financial Woes! Well, there still may be some, but there isn't much that I have to rely on myself for that requires money when I am home that I do when I am on my own--like laundry. It won't cost me $3 to wash my clothes, I can just do it right downstairs! Not to mention the other things I have to buy for myself when I'm in the city that now my household will take care of--toilet paper, food, bath supplies, etc. This won't stop me from being responsible for my spending, however! I will be getting a job, selling things on my Etsy, and finding other ways to make money for recreational purposes that I wouldn't need to rely on my parents for.

05. My bedroom! There isn't anything quite like sleeping in your own bed after a while away. As much as I do feel at home here in the city, I spent so many years creating my bedroom to fit my personality and be as comfortable as possible, so it will be nice to cuddle up with my Pikachu reading a nice book, doodling, or just surfing the web in my bedroom! Not to mention my closet is much larger back in my house, so more room to create outfits to share with all of you!


Now I'm sure there are many more perks that I could list here, which makes me smile, but these are the top five things I look forward to the most! Almost so much that I can't wait to fly home and start my summer adventure with some of the most important people in my life. And I'll be sure to blog all about it!

♥ Sarah

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