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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girl Crush ♡ Marina Diamandis

Welcome to a new little feature here on Love & Velvet that I like to call GIRL CRUSH! In these posts, I will feature a female celebrity that I admire. Now before you go and make the comments pertaining to my sexuality, I will explain that a girl crush is not a crush. I do not have dreams of kissing these girls and spending the rest of my life with them--but it is much more than admiration at that. It is an appreciation for the beauty, talent, attitude, and personal style of whomever is featured, almost in a--and I am trying not to be creepy here--worshiping sort of way...

Anyhow! I believe that every heterosexual girl is entitled to one or more girl crushes. I, for one, have many, thus creating this little blog feature here.

To start it all off, we will begin by having a post dedicated to one of my absolute biggest girl crushes and obsessions right now-- MARINA DIAMANDIS, or Marina and the Diamonds. As you already know from my Primadonna outfit post, Marina is a huuuuuuuuge inspiration for my fashion and lifestyle, but let's go into detail shall we? Let's start off with the basics--who is Marina Diamandis?

Marina Diamandis, also known by her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds (which is, in fact, her stage name, not the name of a band. Quite often do I hear Marina and the Diamonds referred to as "they" when it is just a "she") is a British (Welsh raised, London based) artist in the pop genre. If you haven't heard any of her music or watched her awesome music videos you definitely could, especially if you're a daydreaming or vengeful teen girl much like myself.

Now why do I have such an outrageous girl crush on Marina? It's pretty simple, the image should explain it all! Her 1960s inspired signature look for the Electra Heart era is so beautiful and princess-like and everything I love! I've always been a fan of pastels and pretty silhouettes and she is the absolute queen.

Other than her appearance, Marina is the definition of GIRL POWER with her powerful lyrics and refusal to settle for being anything less than number one to a man. I went through a period of time in my first semester of college where I was DETERMINED to be a heartbreaker, and during that phase, I would always blast Electra Heart and not let anyone tear me down! It may sound a little deceitful, but Marina's music really helped me out through a dark time in my life as I was transitioning out of a bad relationship and learn to love myself and realise I deserve only the best!

Another positive influence Marina has had on me is the whole BODY POSITIVE issue again. Marina has the most beautiful body (in my opinion, of course, everyone has their preferences) that I've ever seen, and she is a woman of beautiful curves. I used to long to have that straight up and down figure that so many appreciate in the fashion world, but then I saw how beautifully clothing articles hugged every curve on Marina's body and learned to love my own curves! (The only problem now is I want more curves! We are never satisfied, are we?)

Marina Diamandis will always be a huge inspiration to me in my life and personal style with her beauty, talent, and intelligence. This and many reasons more are why she is one of my many girl crushes!! ♡♡

♥ Sarah

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