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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures in Film (+ a SATANIC RITUAL)

Hello, my little star shines! As you all know very well, my girl Rachael is a lovely photographer, and as I prepare to come home and see her once more, I was reflecting on the time we shared the last time I was in Hawaii, and boy did we have a blast! So, even though it was a few months in the past, I figure, why not blog about it, showing you some of Rachael's gorgeous shots! (Not to mention a little peak at my outfit that day)

We spent the day around the little town I'm from called Kailua, where there's all sorts of fun places to photograph--primarily the Salvation Army just a block away from where I used to work. We also visited Pier 1 Imports, where we pretended we could afford the furniture, Whole Foods, where we wished we were healthier, Starbucks, and even my very own front yard!
top: charlotte russe | dress: unknown | socks: unknown | shoes: thrifted | sunnies: forever 21/diy |  bracelets: h&m | handbag: h&m

The next day was just as fun as the last, as Rachael and I performed a SATANIC RITUAL (in front of my house) where we had to burn an Owl City t-shirt. We appropriately dressed and made up ourselves for the occasion... (This seems like it would be a fun makeup tutorial to do as a collaboration with Rachael sometime in the future, no?)

I took the photo of Rachael... and according to the focus, I am clearly no photographer.
And don't worry--we recorded the event and turned it into a beautiful film using music by, who else, but Slipknot. (You can watch it below from my YouTube channel!) I also really hope you all see that this is a joke and we are not actually worshipers of the devil or do any sort of weird rituals--it was all out of good fun...and the chance that there would be a cash reward that was, sadly, revoked.

I look forward to all sorts of weird trouble that Rachael and I will get into over the summer, even if it means my old neighbours will be staring at me in horror while walking their dog (see: video, above).

♥ Sarah

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