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Monday, January 14, 2013

Set Design (Part Deux)

In case you were wondering what my bedroom at home might look like, here is a little sneak peak. (By the colour scheme, you could tell I had an ~emo phase)

on my bed: my journal, Rookie mag, a dolphin pillow pet, and of course Pikachu!
This is my favourite area of my room--my bed! My wal is  covered in posters, postcards, photos, artwork, playbills, and other things I find interesting. Eventually, this will all end up in a journal, on my home-cinema wall, or... in the trash. But hopefully something will come of it!

I know cluttering your walls can make the room appear smaller, but hey, I love adding every bit of personality I can to my boring, solid, matte walls. My favourite thing would have to be the Abbey Road poster posing as a headboard behind my bed!

Hope you enjoyed my little room! Tune in next time for the unveiling of my dorm room for semester 2!


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