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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life's a Beach

Why, hello there! Fancy running into you here. My winter break is drawing to a close faster than I had realised and so I had to throw in as much fun and adventure as I possibly could before I have to fly out back to my beautiful San Francisco. But since I'm in Hawaii for the time being, the beach beckons!

top: old navy | shorts: old navy | bikini: unknown | bag: vera bradley | sunnies: forever 21/diy

Now let me start of by saying I hate the beach! Maybe it's the sun, the sand, or the fact that I'm a posh princess and don't like the way I look with windblown hair--however, if I can stay clean and cute or just enjoy myself, I don't mind it too much. I know, it doesn't really make sense being brought up in Hawaii and hating the beach, but hey, over-exposure can lead anyone to dread, am I right?

hello, Shannon's feet!

Shannon, however, loves the beach and a good tan! Which explains why she's a beautiful blonde goddess and I'm so ghostly pale! Look at this babe!

Despite it being a rainy day, we still were able to find some sunshine (even if only for a bit), perfect for pictures! I had much fun with my darling pal, but as breaks come, they also go, so it own't be for another few months until we meet again! Thankfully, by then, it will be summer, so more than likely, less chance of rain and lots of sunshine!

Well, that was my short little update on my holiday--hope you are all staying warm during your winter! And good luck with the upcoming semester if you're in school!

♥ Sarah

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