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Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, it's finally a new year, and in my little hometown of Kailua, HI, that means when the clock strikes midnight (well, actually, hours before, even) on the first of January, you know there will be illegals firing off into the sky at alarming rates, and although my planet-loving heart can hardly bare to see the smoke eat away at our atmosphere, the colours are quite spectacular and show up well on camera at least! Even though I can't wait to be home, I could only imagine how much worse the ruckus would be in the big city!

I spent the evening with family, close friends, and a hardcore game of Taboo. My darling Shannon came over and joined the festivities, and we rocked our matching New Years crowns that we had made in our time together prior.

A lot of huge stuff happened in 2012, some great stuff and some not so great stuff, but over the course of it all I learned not to have regrets and just learn from whatever I can. I've changed so much this past year, and I want to continue to grow and change and find myself this upcoming 2013, because isn't that what college is all about? Self-discovery and all that? Anyway, I don't usually have a "New Years resolution" because I think there are a lot of things I should focus on improving, not just one thing!

"...bare feet, I don't care..."

Ah yes, now moving to the outfits. If you can believe it, Shannon and I did not plan on what colours to wear, so our matching was by complete accident (I swear!). So here we are by the Christmas tree (and yes, it's been up until this day) in an awkward-family-photo-type stance ready to start the new year in style~*

Shannon is wearing a handmade crown, a top that was a gift, and Victoria's Secret leggings.

I'm wearing a handmade crown, a Betsey Johnson dress (only $10! Thank you, Caelan!), and a handmade pin to match!

And since we are in Hawaii (in my house with new hard wood floors at that), shoes are not to be worn inside, so we skipped that step. We can still be fabulous and comfortable, don't you think!

Hope your new year is filled with fun, health, and good fortune! And even if it's not, remember to stay positive and you'll get far!

♥ Sarah

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