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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY: Girl Power Pins!

There really is nothing that expresses your views, opinions, and interests quite like a pin or button does! Unless, of course, you are incredibly open when you talk. But at first glance, if a girl is wearing a pin, you know she's got something she's trying to say! And a way to show you're passionate for something is by using your creativity and showing it through art!

Today we are going to show you how to make your own girlpower!-or-any-other-sort-of-view/interest-you-wish-to-express button! It's super easy and fun and the possibilities for decoration are endless!

The total time for this project is about 5 minutes, so you can make as many as you have time for!

First, let's look at the things you will need! Some of these are, of couse, optional.
  1. The trusty hot glue gun!
  2. 3-D Paint (I use Scribbles brand. You can get this at any craft store!)
  3. Buttons you won't miss/don't use anymore! (These can be purchased for way cheap at Hot Topic, vintage shops, and a ton of other stores!)
  4. Felt or any fabric of your choice.
  5. Any decorations and fun things you have lying around
  6. Marina & The Diamonds or any other girlpower! music playing on Spotify (optional)
  7. Extra glue-sticks for your hot glue gun!

Now, let's begin, shall we? Here are the steps I went through to create this MERMAIDS AGAINST MISOGYNY pin (inspired by this post). I chose the mermaids one because I am oh-so-obviously a mermaid, of course!

  1. Take your pin and turn it around. Line it up with a piece of fabric and draw a circle around the pin. Cut outside of the line and begin gluing the fabric down on the front of the pin. Make sure to get the corners of the fabric nice and snug against the edge of the button with hot glue!
  2. I added these turquoise pearl beads around the edge to define the shape of the button. Plus pearls have a very ~mermaid tone to them, wouldn't you say? 
  3. Now for the fun part--the 3-D puffy paint! This part is tricky because you don't want to risk running out of room for your words, so write small and thin or write in pen first then follow the guidelines. After you write, you can add decorations! I added a crown, dots, a poorly drawn shell, and some squiggles about to make it more girly!

And there you have it! One feminist girl-power pin that's cute, girly, and super duper chic! You can wear these on a vintage denim jacket or pin them to your backpack and show off at school! That's the fun part about buttons--you can stick 'em wherever you wish! ...Take that as you will.

Here are the four I completed! You don't have to use buttons for this project, as you can see. You can take strange objects and glue pin backs on them and turn them into buttons! The FEMME pin is made from a plastic, glow in the dark wall moustache (I see the irony). 

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and have fun! I can't wait to wear my buttons when they dry! (You should allow overnight drying for the paint, just to be safe.)

♥ Sarah


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT going to make 900 tomorrow

  2. I just adore this blog! You are feaured in my latest post :)


    1. You're too sweet! Thank you so much for the support ♡♡

  3. That is just awesome :) love your blog xoxo


    1. Thank you so much! Your blog is just positively lovely!

  4. love this! so creative and a great message!! <3

    1. Thanks!! Gotta spread feminism as much as we possibly can! (◕‿◕✿)