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Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY: Collar Me Beautiful

Hello lovelies! As DIYing (which is horrible grammar, I know; it should be DingIY but that just sounds weird) is my passion and I love collars more than I love life itself, I thought it fitting that my first post be dedicated to DIYing collar necklaces - specifically, Peter Pan collars!

I was inspired by and mainly followed this tutorial (warning: it's a video, so make sure your sister didn't leave the volume on full-blast on your computer and open up that link for future reading and then jump 50 feet and throw your laptop across the living room when it starts talking to you. Maybe that's just me...) which uses this pattern (which is also linked to in the info of the video) from The Alison Show.

These are SO simple to make and look SO cute and they are SO versatile (do I sound like a Valley Girl or waht?) and the supplies are really cheap and often use things you can find around a crafter's house, so this is a good DIY to try on a budget (especially since collar necklaces in stores are, like, $20 each. These cost me about $2 each).
I used...

  • single sheets of felt - from Michael's Craft Store (about $1 each). I used a lot of different colours and even found SPARKLY FELT which is the best thing ever, literally
  • scissors - if you don't already have scissors in your house you should reevaluate your life choices
  • glue - I used matte Mod Podge, a Michael's splurge, but it's a LOT of glue
  • ribbon - I personally got mine from my Gramma's ribbon stash she gave me, but you can get similar ones at the Dollar store or craft stores. This one cost $1 on clearance, so there you go!
  • sponge brushes (if that's even what you call those things) - Dollar store
  • glitter in varying colours & sizes (the pink is Martha Stewart from Michael's, I got it with a 50% off coupon, so that was a splurge, but it's a TON of glitter, so well worth it; the thicker ones are from my college's bookstore, actually - always looking for supplies!) 
  • rhinestones (self-adhesive, from the Dollar store - mine came in joined-together rows, not single rhinestones, which made it so much easier and quicker to do the rhinestone detailing)
  • self-adhesive glitter/rhinestone letters - Dollar store
my supplies all scattered about

I made about 8 or so collars, but for the purposes of making this not an epic novel I'll show you how I made my red sparkly one.

I followed the directions here exactly, but I folded my felt lengthwise rather than widthwise (which is a word I did not know existed because I have actually never heard or read it before) because I could get 2 collars out of 1 piece of felt, furthering the value of each piece - THRIFTY. 

You'll come out with something that looks like this. 

For this one I decided that the self-sparkling felt wasn't enough and added some rhinestones (pictured above)

To come out with this (you know what, I don't know why all the pictures are seemingly upside down but you know, such is the iPhone's life)

To make the ribbon a good length, I placed the collar on my shirt where it would lay and measured the ribbon around my neck, then added a couple of inches on each side to be sure I had enough room to tie it up.

I added an extra layer of Mod Podge over the ribbon once it dried a bit just for added security. 

And that's that! For the glittery ones, I simply painted a layer of glue over the whole thing, put the glitter on, waited for it to dry, and then added another layer of glue overtop of it to set the glitter in place. (**NOTE: This is where it gets to be a really good idea to use Mod Podge because it's kind of made to be a top coat or sealant so it will work perfectly and DRY CLEAR!). I'd recommend pouring the amount of glue you're going to use into a separate bowl or container, since you'll probably end up getting a load of glitter in your tub of glue if you don't. 

Here is the glitter before drying.

Here is another glittery one after my second layer of Mod Podge. 

Here are my finished collars:

For the cat one I actually just free-handed it with a fine-tip Sharpie marker (it's actually really difficult to draw on felt with a Sharpie marker. I kind of did a rough outline and then actually stippled it which was really annoying and lengthy which resulted in one of the cats being really gross-looking, but feel free to try it out if you have the patience). This one was inspired by Miu Miu's cat collars. There are about 400 billion DIY tutorials for these collars on the interwebs (that's a super realistic number right there). I personally used this as a reference for my drawing. With a teensy bit of digging I found that you can even get a PATTERN that you can print off and trace if you want.

Here is me wearing my Baby Grrrl collar (not pictured above) paired with a cream knit sweater and black leggings (along with black chiffon bow above my braid!). The good thing about these collars are that they are SUPER adjustable. You can wear them lower or higher, depending on the neckline you are wearing, just by tying the ribbon at a different spot. In this case, I tied it  almost as high as I could because the neckline of this sweater is really high. (*Note: I apologize for my awkward backwards-lettered mirror shot: it was the only way I could get the full outfit by myself!)

All tied up with the ribbon and ready to go!

Hope you enjoy making some collars and wearing them around the town getting tons of compliments and people asking, "where did you get your collar?!" You will proudly be able to say, "I made it myself." :)
xo Summer