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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Urban Adventures

San Francisco is full of exciting places to explore, especially in the shopping universe! Just a few blocks from where I live is the shopping centre of the city, including a giant three story Urban Outfitters, an amazing used music and movie shop called Rasputin's, and tons of other cool stores!

Before winter break, I visited Urban Outfitters, Rasputin's, and Goodwill with my pals Oscar and Anna and we had all sorts of fun! Let's see the adventures via Oscar's photography!

Anna loves her puppies, so a book with attractive men holding them?! Dream come true!

"Feminist Ryan Gosling" would definitely make a great stocking stuffer.

My favourite part of Urban Outfitters was the shoe sale shelf! I fell in love with these black and gold glitter oxfords. (And I didn't end up buying them!)

I love collecting old VHS's of my favourite movies (I scored Amadeus for $2!)

Our final stop, almost 7 blocks away, was the humungous Goodwill on Mission St., and it was worth all the sore legs! There were ugly sweaters galore, super cute furniture, and even a rack filled with only vintage pieces! (Score!)

In the end, the three of us left the shopping trip empty handed, which was much more rewarding than I had imagined. The fun of just looking around with close friends was all the reward I needed! Not to mention I saved money that could be used for Christmas gifts! So go out and have some window-shopping fun with some close friends, because spending time with the ones you love is what the holiday season should be all about!

♥ Sarah

Outfit Details:
cape: forever 21 |  dress: vintage | sunnies: shades of sf | socks: claire's | shoes: dr. martens (c/o urban outfitters) | purse: h&m

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