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Friday, December 7, 2012

She Thrifted Away

Hello, everyone! Happy December! It is almost time for the holidays, and that means time to head back home to Hawaii! I was recently visiting there for Thanksgiving weekend and was able to see my darling pal Rachael, (who is a spectacular photographer) who took some photos of me on film at home, at the park, Coffee Talk, and of course, shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores we adore!

              I was thrilled to be able to wear my handmade flower crowns for this shoot! It's so easy--I just used some old plain headbands and bought some fake flowers. You can find fake flowers at the dollar store, PriceBusters, and any art supply shop! The pink ones on the end are not attached to the crown, but they are clips from H&M that I bought in London!

I love painting my nails so that they look like a kindergartener did the job. All the colours I can find (with sparkles of course!) and mix a

nd match on the opposite hand. Not only is it cute, but it also will go with any outfit if you use rainbow colours!

The ring on my right hand, middle finger is vintage that belonged to my mother. She gave me all of the rings from old ex-boyfriends that she had kept for so long. On the other hand, there is a smaller, sapphire that matches the vintage Bank of America ring I always wear on my left middle finger that belonged to my grandmother.

I've always had an obsession with my hands, so it's very important for me to keep my nails nice and wear lots of pretty rings! I will show you my collection of rings (vintage and new) in a Things We Love post coming up later this season!

Hopefully one day I can give the Lana Del Rey nails a try! They're just so elegant...
via Tumblr

Here is another photo of my hands, clenching onto my lace stockings and displaying my H&M sneakers in my most favourite colour--light pink! I bought these shoes in San Francisco back in 2011 when visiting for vacation. That visit was when I knew I had to one day live here, and now I am! I never would have pictured this way back then.

The shoes are adorable and so comfy. I wear them walking around the city all the time. They may have laces, but I cheat and use the exposed zippers on the side to slip them on! Very convenient for a busy schedule and if I'm in a rush in the morning! The soles are so flexible and can endure almost anything. Also I just love the colour--I would wear them with anything! They sort of look like Ked's dont they?
via Etsy

The photos above were taken in Coffee Talk, an adorable little coffee house in Kaimuki, a few blocks away from my old high school. I would often go here with friends during the day and on some Thursday nights to listen to open mic night! My old boyfriend would perform along with some other really cool, talented kids. Nothing better than some quality live music by the young talent in little ol' Hawaii!


I honestly don't remember where I got these stockings, but I can say that it was so hot that day I wanted to rip them off every second! Being back in Hawaii is strange after being in the cold city for so many months. You can see the sunlight in all of these photos--that was something I wasn't used to!

I love being photographed, but I also loved, loved, loved looking around the thrift stores with Rachael like old times. Can't wait until my 6-week long winter break when I can do some more damage with her! To see more of her fantastic work, click here! Thank you, Rachael!

Outfit Details:
crown: handmade
top: vintage
shorts: vintage
shoes: h&m
briefcase: vintage



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