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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Set Design

Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to le grand tour de my dorm! We will start with the most important place for a college student--my desk! Now, as an acting major, I don't really spend much time here, but I still like to keep it organised! In the centre, you can see the one thing I simply cannot live without--my planner! I love writing down the day's activities as well as lists of to-do's and such inside! It has really helped me stay well-regulated through the busy (and sometimes stressful) college life!

Here are some required texts that acting majors must read at my school. The Accents book on the left was a gift from my brother and I am obsessed! I often annoy people with my Aussie accent that I sometimes can't seem to break.

Most of the time, I do my hair and makeup at my desk. I bought this adorable little mirror with a reverse side that has a 4x magnification, which really helps when I want intricate details in my eyeliner, for example!

What would a girl be without her accessories? I store my jewellery, hair accessories, sunnies and glasses in this adorable dress with clear compartments so that I can see each of my pieces and always look my best! I didn't bring many accessories along with me, but I did manage to grab some of my favourite pieces that I wear most often.

Surrounding this area, (above the trash can--yuck!) I have a collection of advertisements from magazines (mostly Emma Stone, of course!) as well as framed photos of me and my best friend in the entire world--Kitty! She may be far, far away in Edinburgh, but she is always close in my heart! (I know, that was cheesy--but true!)

Not pictured, on the adjacent wall, I have a drawing of different hair possibilities before I came to the conclusion to have blue hair. I will do a post featuring my many different hair colours throughout the years soon!

If you know anything about me, you'd know I have an addiction to organising, so this wall-hung pocket organiser as well as plastic drawer set were must-have items for my dorm! The organiser on the left is used for magazines, stickers, envelopes, letters from and to friends, as well as some other miscellaneous items.

The container underneath my chic fashion calendar holds excess paper and command strip hooks, snacks, cutlery, cups, bowls, etc. Despite not having a kitchen, I still want to have food and such at hand (I am always hungry after all!)

Above the mirror on the right is a chalkboard with my class schedule as well as that of my roommate, Minji. This is so we know where the other is at all times and know when not to bother one another!

Then of course, the most important part of the room--my closet! The front of the door has a collection of magazine cutouts that inspire me and best represent my personal style~

I could only bring so much, so I brought my most favourite (and warm) pieces and will sometimes purchase new clothing, such as that oh-so-fabulous vintage fur coat you see in the middle that I thrifted near Japan Town! (And don't worry my animal-loving readers, it's faux fur!)

The wire drawer set came included with the room, so it's a great place to store my extra clothing that does not need to be hung, such as T-shirts, underwear, socks, pants, etc! I've also acquired a cubby for my Docs (and don't worry--a post dedicated to them will come soon!), capes, and laundry supplies.

Last but not least--my favourite part of my bedroom...the bed! This is where I spend most of my time, and usually where you will find me blogging (or playing Neopets like every cool college kid should)! I adore my bed, not only because it's pink, but because it is so comfortable with the help of my paisley pattern body pillow and my loveable companions by my side--Pikachu and a Bank of the West bear that my daddy gave me (he got it for free haha!). I've had my Pikachu since I was 5 years old and he's been my buddy ever since. He's over thirteen years old now! Crazy.

I'm not 100% complete with the wall by my bed yet, but so far I have my lovely fun. poster that I purchased online (so that I can kiss Nate good night every day before bed...), some photobooth pictures from Art & Flea, a picture with my roomie pals, and of course, Lana Del Rey. On the right, I have a compact Audrey Hepburn calendar that I absolutely adore.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of the day-to-day living arrangements of Sarah! Do you enjoy decorating as much as I do? Let us know in a comment!

♥ Sarah

sheets: ross
comforter/pink pillow: ross
pillow case (underneath): ross
paisley pillow: ross
purple blanket: ross
fun. poster: fun. online store (buy here!)

mirror: ross
lotion: victoria's secret
perfume: victoria's secret
tissues: ross
note block: vera bradley
planner: barnes and noble

dress organiser: ross
wall mirror: wal-mart
chalk board: jeffrey's toys
handbag (hanging): h&m

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