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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Button up, Winter is Coming!

Hello, darlings! The weather is being very bipolar over here lately, so some days I don't even need a sweater! Days like these are perfect for showing off cute tops such as my vintage denim button up with floral embroidery on the collar. I just about died when I found it!

These pants were another great find! I actually purchased them in the Forever 21 behind me in the photo (left) for only $5! One pair remained in my size, and they are the most beautiful barely-there shade of pink. I fell in love and they fit like a dream!

I spent the day out and about with my dear Robert admiring the beautiful city which provided the perfect backdrop for his photography assignment!

I'm going to miss sunny days like these. With the upcoming winter brings the need for layers and layers and layers! Doesn't mean I won't find some way to make it fashionable!

Hope you are all having a bright and sunny week, regardless of the weather!


top: vintage (thrifted)
pants: forever 21
handbag: h&m
shoes: nine west (c/o ross)

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